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How to Draw a Blue Jay That Looks Cute

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

Learning to draw a blue jay that looks amazing can easily be done using this fun lesson. I will show you how to illustrate the character above using mostly a few basic shapes and lines. All you need to do to create a lovable character can be found below!

Blue jays are usually found in North America. These colorful creatures are easily recognizable with their blue crests on top of the head and bright blue feathers. They are filled with fun patterns that can be easily duplicated using simple lines and colors. Ready? Let's see how we can come up with a lovely version of this bird below.

Working on the silhouette of the head

We can start this lesson by sketching the silhouette of the head using mostly long curved lines. Don't forget to add the small crest on top of the head. For the beak, a few short curved lines are needed. Inside the beak, you can add another small line to complete this part of the body.

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

adding the wing and the body

Now that we are done creating the head of the bird, let's draw a wing using only two long curved lines. For this part of the body (and all other lines created on this character), we need perfect lines that are made with pointed ends.

Once you are done drawing the wing, you can create the body using more simple lines as shown in the illustration below. You can draw a blue jay with basic feathers on the chest. Nice work!

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

drawing beautiful feet

On the bottom of the cartoon blue jay, you can start creating the legs and feet using more small curved lines. As you can see below, the feet located behind the character is slightly higher than the other one. Remember that birds have delicate feet, so make sure to use thin shapes when drawing this part of the body.

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

creating a long tail made from more perfect lines

We are almost done creating the complete silhouette of our subject. It's now time to draw a long thin tail on the back of the creature using more perfect lines. To make this part of the character more dynamic, you can split this one in two using a simple line. It's simple to achieve and can make the bird more appealing.

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

working inside the head

Now that the bird is visually more interesting, let's move inside the head to create the only eye that is visible. First, draw a perfect circular shape near the beak. Then, draw the pupil inside the eye using another circle. Next, add a small patch around the pupil using a thin circle. Finally, draw a simple reflection using a tiny circle.

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

Drawing cool patches around the eye

Like I said earlier, blue jays are filled with tons of cool patterns that can be confusing at times. Let's see how we can make a simple version using only a few curved lines. First, draw a small patch around the eye. This new patch is attached to the beak as shown below.

Next, draw a larger version of the same patch using another line. Complete this step with the small horizontal line found on the right of the character.

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

more patterns are created on the wing

We are not done yet creating patches! Inside the wing, you can add simple feathers using more cool patterns. Start by sketching a few lines that are almost vertical. Next, draw a simple pattern on the wing (similar to the one of a web). Great job! We are done drawing this amazing bird. One last step is required ...

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

how to draw a blue jay with bright colors!

Let's bring this cartoon blue jay to life by adding bright colors to the illustration. For this character, three basic colors are needed: dark gray, blue and white. The blue color is added on the crest, the top of the head, the top of the wing and the bottom part of it. You can also color the tail is blue.

The dark gray colors is needed inside the beak, the patch around the eye and the pupil. The bottom part of the head, the top stripe on the wing and the legs are also gray. The rest of the character can be white.

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

Excellent work! This lesson on how to draw a blue jay that looks amazing is now completed. I hope you had fun drawing this cool bird. Don't hesitate to sketch more fun versions using various postures, perspectives and patterns.

If you need more help with this lesson, you can also take a look at the image below. This one contains all steps required to draw this creature correctly.

How To Draw A Blue Jay That Looks Cute

Now that we are done drawing this fun blue jay, you are invited to draw more fun birds from this site below. All these tutorials are filled with various challenges that can help you become better at drawing birds. Some lessons are very simple while others are loaded with complex shadows, reflections and textures. Have fun with these additional resources and don't forget to practice often. :)

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