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How to draw dragon pictures using a lovely example

How to draw a dragon (pictures & video)

Create beautiful dragon pictures like the one found on this page using a few basic shapes, lots of curved lines and plain colors. I will show you how to draw this cute cartoon character quickly and easily using either a vector application or a pencil and a piece of paper. The chosen illustration is featuring a cool dragon from a side view filled with green colors and simple details. Ready? Let's proceed with the video tutorial first ...

a simple video to begin with

If you need to see it all in action, then this basic video is definitely for you. After learning how to sketch the character properly using a few basic rectangles and circles, you will learn how to draw this dragon using perfect proportions and simple curved lines. Adding plain colors is the last step required to complete this lesson on how to draw a cool cartoon dragon like the one found on this page.

A written version if you need more information! 

If you prefer to read a little bit more on how this character must be created using simple shapes and lines, then continue reading. First, you need to sketch the dragon using a large square to form the head. The body and the back legs are made from large circular shapes.

Both wings are made from large triangles. The hands and the feet are illustrate with small rectangles. Finally, you can draw the tail of this adorable creature using long curved lines with pointed ends.

How to draw a dragon (pictures & video)

Cool! Now that we have a few basic shapes to work with, let's draw the dragon as shown in the illustration below. Notice the three little teeth below the mouth, the tiny spikes on top of the head as well as the patches located on the chest of the creature. Both the legs and the arms are short and drawn from curved lines.

How to draw a dragon (pictures & video)

You can now erase all basic shapes created in the first step (the ones colored in gray) and enjoy the final shape of this cute dragon. Of course, this simple illustration is pretty basic, but ending up with relevant proportions is crucial if you want to create a recognizable and believable cartoon character.

How to draw a dragon (pictures & video)

Dragon pictures can be filled with numerous colors. Some creatures are totally black and gray while others are mostly yellow and red. For this example, I have selected the most popular color: green. The chest is filled with a bright yellow color. Elements located on the other side of the animal are filled with a darker version of the green color selected earlier.

How to draw a dragon (pictures & video)

Dragon pictures are definitely not that difficult to create!

You can see below all steps required to create this basic cartoon animal. Feel free to experiment more by modifying all colors, the posture or adding more details inside your character. This is a fictional creature so it's easy to invent new features, new patterns and incorporate those inside your work. Practice a lot, unleash your creativity and have fun!

How to draw a dragon (pictures & video)

Now that we are done with this cute little dragon, remember that more cool cartoon creatures are available on the site. These new lessons are offering various challenges that can help you achieve your goal of learning to draw fun creatures like these. :)

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