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how to draw a dragon clip art using fun examples

How To Draw A Dragon Clip Art Using Fun Examples

Drawing a dragon clip art can be done using a wide variety of techniques. In this series, you will learn to draw these fun creatures using basic shapes, complex effects and realistic textures. Whether you are new to drawing or are simply looking for something more challenging to illustrate, all you need to succeed can be found here.

Dragons are legendary creatures often found in fantasy novels, movies and video games. These huge monsters were also mentioned in ancient civilizations that were ruling the earth centuries ago. Even more fascinating is the fact that you can trace these creatures on most continents. Of course, all versions were not quite similar to the ones we can think of today, but it's still very impressive.

Working on a cute dragon made from perfect curved lines

First, let's see if we can learn to draw a dragon mostly made from circles and curved lines. You can start by working on the head using a large rectangle. The body is tiny and made from smaller lines. Sketch two arms using subtle broken lines. The tail is short and done using a triangle.

Inside the head, draw two large circles to illustrate the eyes. Small wings are added on the back of the animal. You can also draw pupils using medium circles. Spikes are drawn on the back of the creature. Don't forget to sketch several teeth under the mouth.

How To Draw A Dragon Clip Art

This cute character is filled with more details

We can also sketch fun dragon pictures using more details. First, you can sketch a few basic shapes to create a simple template. These guidelines can help you draw more accurate proportions. Once you are done sketching basic shapes, draw the silhouette of the creature. Inside this one, draw the eyes, the mouth and the patches on the chest.

On top of the head, small spikes can also be created. Large wings made from triangles are added on the back. The tail is long, thin and represented by curved lines. Small nails are added on the hands and feet. Add plain colors and you are done with this dragon clip art.

How To Draw A Dragon Clip Art

Using gradients to create more depth

It's fun to create basic characters, but learning how to draw dragons filled with more advanced effects can also be rewarding. This subject is not that difficult to create. The creature is also done from basic shapes like rectangles and circles. You can see the template used to form the silhouette in the second step below.

Hands are made with three fingers and large wings are added on the back of the creature. Simple patterns are also added on the chest of the dragon. The most complicated aspect of the illustration is the addition of gradients. Notice how the bottom of the monster is slightly darker than the top.

How To Draw A Dragon Clip Art

Building a realistic cartoon head from scratch

So far, lessons were featuring basic characters mostly made from simple shapes. This time, let's learn how to draw a dragon using only the top of the subject : the head. The first steps (one to four) are dedicated to the creation of a template made from rectangles and triangles. In the fifth step, you can start polishing the drawing using long irregular lines.

In the seventh step, it's time to add facial features like the eye, the nose and the teeth. Then, create the pupils using short lines and draw a complex pattern on the neck. Plain colors are added using mostly green and yellow colors. In the final step, gradients and shadows are drawn to create a fun image filled with depth and volume.

How To Draw A Dragon Clip Art

Building the ultimate dragon clip art

This last cartoon dragon is featuring most tips we have learned so far. First, the character is built using several basic shapes. Then, the silhouette of the animal is done using several short and long curved lines. The posture is also different since this time the subject is flying using both wings. Fun details are added on the chest, inside the tail, on the wings and below the mouth.

This character is also filled with gradients. Red and yellow colors are used. In the last four steps, several effects are added. First, strong shadows are made from darker shapes. Then, reflections are created using brighter elements. Simple textures made from short lines are then drawn all over the body.

How To Draw A Dragon Clip Art

Creating a simple dragon clip art is definitely an easy task. However, it can be more complicated to work on a version filled with cool effects and textures. Study all lessons above and don't hesitate to try sketching your own characters. You an also learn more tips and techniques using more cute cartoon characters from the same series here. Have fun! :)

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