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creating a Dracula Drawing that looks adorable

Creating A Dracula Drawing That Looks Adorable

Learn how to create a fun Dracula drawing in this extensive drawing lesson! I'll show you how to draw a simple design that will be loaded with great effects to end up with a 2D illustration filled with 3D elements!

Dracula is a fun subject to work with. This dark character does offer a few challenges, but overall it is quite easy to draw and the result is always interesting.

Step 1

dracula drawing

First, we need to draw the shape of the character. Draw a circle for the head and work on the chin and jaw using curved lines. Then, add two circles to illustrate the ears. Sketch a long rectangle to form the body. Add two more rectangles to create the arms.

The hands can be made with circles. For the legs, a simple square will do. Two small triangles are used for the feet.

Step 2

dracula drawing

Cool! Now it's time to add more details on the face and the body. The eyes and the pupils are made with large circles. The nose, the mouth and the chin are made from curved lines. Two small triangles are used for the teeth. You can add hair on top of the head and draw a large cape behind the character. 

Step 3

dracula drawing

Time to add some colors on the Dracula drawing! The hair, the pupils, the suit and the feet are colored in black. The portion of the cape visible behind the head can also be colored in black.

The rest of the cape must be filled in red. The eyes and the teeth are white and a bright skin color can be used on the face, the ears and the hands.

Step 4

dracula drawing

If you are familiar with vector drawing, then you know that you can use the gradient tool to add a second color to a shape. Select the face and add a darker version of the skin color on the bottom of this one.

Repeat the same technique on all shapes (except the ones in white or black). The character already has more volume, more depth than he did previously.

Step 5

dracula drawing

Another simple tip to give more depth to the illustration is to create additional shapes filled with a darker color (see the face on your left). You can manually add more shapes around the eyes, on the hands, on the ears, below the chin and below the nose. These shapes are great, but slightly too dark to be effective.

Step 6

dracula drawing

We need to play with the opacity of the shapes created in the previous step to make sure that the result is more relevant, more enjoyable to look at. On your Dracula drawing, select the dark shapes and set the opacity to 70% or 80%. If you can, you can also make sure that the right part of each shape is completely hidden.

Step 7

dracula drawing

Good! Now it's time to create more shapes on the character to add more brightness to the illustration. Duplicate most shape and change the color to white.

You can also make sure that these new shapes are slightly smaller than the original ones. Let's perform the same trick we did with the darker shapes to end up with something really cool!

Step 8

dracula drawing

Change the opacity of all white shapes, but this time make sure that the left part of each shape is completely hidden. As you can see on your left, all black areas are now easier to read and the character looks more alive. There is one last change that we can perform to create a better illustration ...

Step 9

dracula drawing

Select all outlines that are not around black shapes and change the color for something brighter. For example, you can use a dark red color for the outline of the cape instead of the original black one. Repeat this step on all shapes and you are finished! I hope you had fun working on this Dracula drawing and enjoy!

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