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how to draw a fun door clipart filled with basic patterns

How to draw a door clipart

Learn how to illustrate a door clipart in just a few minutes using this accessible drawing tutorial featuring a video example. If you want to create the perfect door, then using a ruler is definitely a good idea. Of course, it can also be drawn by hand if you prefer to give a more organic look to your picture. Whether you choose to draw a perfect door or not, all you need to know can be found here! :)

A cute video to help you create the perfect door clipart!

First, you can take a look at the small video located below. This one shows you how to illustrate within minutes this object by drawing a template and then adding thick lines to form the illustration. If you prefer to learn more and use the written version of this lesson, simply scroll down a little bit more ...

Ready? Let's draw a fun cartoon door now!

You can start by adding a few gray strokes that will be used as guidelines. No need to be perfect. Our goal is just to build a template to help us sketch accurate proportions. Don't forget to draw the handle and a few basic rectangles inside the object.

How to draw a door clipart

Next, it's time to create the object using a ruler. I like to use one, but still make the lines slightly irregular to give a more sketchy feeling to the drawing. Our goal is not to become an architect, so simply have fun drawing these lines (no stress!).

How to draw a door clipart

Once all lines are completed, you can erase the template (gray lines) created earlier. You should end up with something like the picture found below. The result is nice, but adding colors is definitely a good idea to make this image even more appealing.

How to draw a door clipart

For this door clipart, I have selected a few brown colors. A saturated version is used inside the door. All four panels are slightly brighter. The frame and the step are darker. Finally, you can add a bright yellow color inside the handle. Nice work!

How to draw a door clipart

Good job drawing the perfect cartoon door!

You can see below all four steps required to illustrate this door properly. Now that you know how to sketch this object, it's time to practice and try more shapes, patterns and colors. It's not a complicated subject to work with, but it can be a fun one if you are a creative person!

How to draw a door clipart

You can also try more fun tutorials related to the same theme. These lessons are offering a wide variety of challenges perfect for artists who want to try new things. Have fun with these tutorials. :)

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