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how to draw a donkey clip art using fun examples

How To Draw A Donkey Clip Art Using Fun Examples

Learning to draw a donkey clip art can be done using a wide variety of techniques. In this fun series, I will show you how to illustrate this fun character using five basic lessons that are unique and easy to follow. Most of these animals can be made from basic shapes like rectangles and circles while others are created from complex lines. Three are done using a front view while the last two are sketched from a side view.

Donkeys have been domesticated for at least 4500 years. Working donkeys are still used in some parts of the world. They can help for transportation or in agriculture. Surprisingly, some donkeys are rather small while others are huge. Of course, this cute animal is often depicted as being stubborn. Let's see how we can learn to draw cute cartoon donkeys using all lessons below.

Using only squares, rectangles and a few dots

Let's start this lesson on how to draw a donkey by creating a large square to form the body. Inside this shape, draw the head and mouth using thin rectangles. More short squares are added below the character to illustrate the legs.

Ears are made from tiny triangles and the tail from simple straight lines. On top of the head, hair is made from short curved lines. Add dots to represent the eyes and color the character using gradients. Make sure the area around the mouth is slightly brighter than the rest of the character.

How To Draw A Donkey Clip Art

Another cute version made from large basic shapes

Our next lesson is featuring a donkey clipart also made from a large rectangle. Ears are done with short lines and large circles are used to form the eyes. You can also draw large circles to create the pupils and the mouth is made from a smooth rectangle.

On top of the head, draw some hair using long curved lines. Legs are made from a mix of straight lines and tiny rectangles. You can apply plain colors inside the donkey clip art to complete this basic lesson.

How To Draw A Donkey Clip Art

This time, let's use perfect circles and oval shapes

Now that we have drawn this animal with rough shapes, let's draw a donkey using mostly circles and oval shapes. Start by drawing the head and mouth using circular lines. The body is done using a similar shape. Tiny legs and hooves made from straight lines are added.

Next, draw long ears using smooth triangles. Eyes and pupils are done using large circles. On top of the head, sketch hair using short curved lines. The tail is made from more simple lines. Draw the mouth, the nose, reflections inside the pupils and patches on the ears. Add colors and you are done!

How To Draw A Donkey Clip Art

working on a side view using more basic elements

This next cartoon donkey is also created from circles and rectangles. However, this next tutorial is featuring our subject from a side view. The posture is more dynamic and some body parts like the nose are drawn differently. Eyes are also merged into a single shape. Pupils are tiny and the tail is made from long curved lines. Legs are thick and close to each other. Most grays colors added inside the character are also much darker than colors used in the previous tutorials.

How To Draw A Donkey Clip Art

One last donkey clip art that looks more realistic

This last illustration of a donkey looks closer to reality. The main frame of the subject is still made from basic shapes, but once the character is drawn you can enjoy a more anatomically correct illustration. Simply look how the top and bottom of the back leg are created to see what I mean. Even the front leg is more realistic with the addition of a knee. Ears are long and pointed near the end. Notice how the mane and the tail are also more accurate.

How To Draw A Donkey Clip Art

All these lessons on how to draw a donkey clip art are filled with various tips that you can use to illustrate your animal. Whether you prefer to draw a simple donkey using basic shapes or go for something more accurate, it's important to study the anatomy of this character first. I hope you had fun working with these basic lessons. Enjoy! :)

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