using simple Dog Sketches to create several versions

Using a few dog sketches, I will show you that creating a cartoon dog can be done in multiple ways. A simple circle and a square can be used to draw different characters even if the basic shapes used are 100% the same.

There are no secrets. The best thing to do is experiment and see what can happen, but if you need inspiration then feel free to take a look below! :)

dog sketches

A simple oval shape to form the body

I love this technique. Simply draw a long oval shape, make sure that the bottom is flat and unleash your creativity. You can create virtually any character using this shape.

Simply change the features, play with the size of the eyes, the nose and see how it goes. Notice that only the ears and the tail are outside the initial shape. Using this technique, you can create dozen of characters in minutes!

dog sketches

Rough shapes like rectangles can also be used to create animals

It's basically the same technique as the one used above, but the body is made of a long rectangle. Once again, it's easy to create and possibilities are endless. And, even if a rectangle is used for the body, the character still remains cute and adorable.

dog sketches

Large head and eyes for maximum cuteness

Large shapes are often associated with cute characters. So if you want to draw a puppy, then illustrating the head with a very large circle and drawing a tiny body using a rectangle can help you achieve this goal.

dog sketches

Another variation to create a dog

This one is similar to the previous character, but the body is longer. Therefore, instead of creating a puppy, we end up with a simple dog. Another variation are the eyes that are not inside the head.

dog sketches

More complex shapes to create a more convincing character

This one is a little bit more complex to illustrate. The head is made from a shape similar to the one of a diamond. The body is mostly a large square. The legs and the ears are still pretty basic, but drawn differently from previous dog sketches.

dog sketches

Time to separate the head and the body!

Until now, all characters were created from a single shape (or mostly). The head and the body were drawn altogether and only a few minor variations were made. Now, this illustration is featuring a cartoon animal with more expressions.

This type of character is a little bit harder to draw, but it's also more flexible if you need a wide range of emotions to display. 

dog sketches

More and more shapes needed to create the head

Although the body of this character is quite simple, the face and the head are a little bit more complex than the previous dog sketches. The nose is drawn on an independent shape and some hair is visible on the bottom of the face.

The tongue and the flexibility of the mouth are perfect for a character that needs to talk or display multiple emotions.

dog sketches

Closer to the real thing

Of course, this is not a genuine replica of a dog. It's still a cartoon drawing, but it's closer to the real thing compared to all previous drawings that were mostly caricatures.

Side views are always more difficult to achieved, especially if you are planning on using multiple views!

In conclusion, my goal was to give you a few ideas to help you create a dog using multiple basic shapes. As you can see, only a circle and a rectangle are needed to draw the shape of your dog. Feel free to experiment. It's the only way to discover a new design and find your own style. More cute examples can be found below. Have fun! :)

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