How to draw a dog icon with an adorable look

See how drawing a simple dog icon can be an easy task using this step-by-step drawing lesson! Indeed, you will learn how to illustrate the basic dog found below using only a few basic shapes and colors. Almost no lines, strokes or outlines will be used for this tutorial.

Our goal is to end up with a basic representation of a dog without spending too much time creating textures, details and accessories. Are you up for this challenge? Cool! Let's start drawing now! :)

How to draw a dog icon

Step 1

First, we need to create a few basic shapes to get all proportions right. In this step, it's time to experiment with sizes, proportions and depth. First, draw a circle to form the head. Then, draw the body using a large rectangle. The arms and the legs are made from smaller rectangles while the hands are made from small oval shapes.

How to draw a dog icon

Step 2

Now that we have a basic template to work with, let's draw the character itself. Notice how the head (made from blue lines) is flat on the top and larger on the bottom. The feet are long and flat while a single thumb was drawn on both hands.

How to draw a dog icon

Step 3

Cool! You can now erase all shapes used to create the template (the ones made from an orange stroke). Let's work on the head now! First, draw large pointed ears on top of the head. Inside this one, create the eyes and pupils using small circular shapes. Use more curved lines to draw the nose, the mouth, the tongue as well as the patch visible around the mouth.

How to draw a dog icon

Step 4

Inside the body, sketch a large patch made from an oval shape. You can also create a small belly button made from a dot. Finally, complete the drawing part of this lesson by creating a tail made from two pointed curved lines. :)

How to draw a dog icon

Step 5

It's time to add colors! In this example, the dog was filled with a very light brown color. Patches around the mouth and on the stomach are even brighter while the tongue is red and the nose is dark.

How to draw a dog icon

Easily turn this dog icon into a puppy!

Simply add a patch around the eye, draw a large tongue and rounder ears and now you have a puppy. You could also draw a smaller body to increase the effect if you want to.

How to draw a dog icon

Why shadows are not relevant

If you used a digital application to create this dog, then adding shadows might be tempting. However, since our goal was to create an icon (and not a cartoon character), then adding such an effect might not be a good idea. Plain colors are more appropriated.

How to draw a dog icon

Can you still recognize the character?

You know you did a great job when the character can easily be recognized even if only solid colors are visible. Of course, some characters are easier to read, but it's still a good exercise to see if our illustration is a success or not. :)

How to draw a dog icon

One cute dog. Five simple steps!

I hope you had fun working with this digital character. Don't forget that more animals like this one are available here. Enjoy this dog icon and don't hesitate to draw your own version using different shapes, textures and colors.

How to draw a dog icon

More cute dogs are also available below. Just practice often and have fun!

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