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creating fun Dog Drawings with large eyes and noses

Creating Fun Dog Drawings With Large Eyes And Noses

Learn how to draw nice dog drawings filled with great effects and a cute cartoon character! Dogs are great companions! You can teach them a few tricks and although they are not always very smart, they are too adorable to be ignored! 

In this complex tutorial, my goal was to create a goofy dog with a funny head and appealing attitude. I hope I was able to reach my goal! I will also show you how to create simple shadows and reflections to end up with an illustration more interesting than a simple character made with plain colors and black outlines!

Step 1

Dog drawings

First, you need to sketch the character. I like to start with the head and the eyes. When I am finished, I like to move on with the body to get a good idea of the posture of my character. Fortunately, even if the character's position is not good enough, it can be modified in the polished version.

Step 2

Dog drawings

Next, I created the ears and the legs of the dog. Now I know how the area that I will need to illustrate my dog drawings.

Step 3

Dog drawings

I can complete the sketching of my illustration by adding details like pupils, eyebrows, the tongue, the tail and the mouth. It doesn't matter if the drawing is not quite perfect. I will work on it later on.

Step 4

Dog drawings

Scan your illustration and open your vector application. You can always use pencils instead of a software if you want, but result will be different. Create black outlines and choose lines that have different width. The result will be more dynamic.

Step 5

Dog drawings

It's now time to add colors! I usually create new shapes that I place behind the outlines. I feel like I have more control by doing so.

Step 6

Dog drawings

Almost every vector application comes with a gradient tool. This tool is quite useful if you want to add a simple shadow on a shape filled with plain colors. Of course, make sure that the darkest color is on the bottom of your shape.

Step 7

Dog drawings

Create new shapes that will be used to create darker shadows in strategic areas. Right now the character looks funny, but we will work on this ... right now! 

Step 8

Dog drawings

Select the transparency tool and hide the top part of every shape added previously. The goal is to come up with a shadow that is strong enough to be visible, but not too dark otherwise the illustration will be hard to read. 

Step 9

Dog drawings

Let's go through the same process, but this time by adding white shapes to illustrate the reflection on the character. I know this one looks like a clown right now, but it's temporary.

Step 10

Dog drawings

Once again, select the transparency tool to partially hide the shapes created previously. Of course, this time you need to hide the bottom part of each shape.

Step 11

Dog drawings

Great! If you want to go a little bit further, you can also change the color of the outlines. In this case, Most outlines were colored with a dark brown tone. Elements like the tongue are colored with a darker tone of red. That's it! Don't hesitate to create more dog drawings using the same technique as described above. Have fun and don't forget to practice using these fun lessons below! :)

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