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how to draw a doctor clip art with a fun expression

How To Draw A Doctor Clip Art

In this simple lesson, I will show you how to create a doctor clip art using a nice cartoon character as a starting point. You will learn how to create this amazing illustration in just a few minutes using basic shapes, lines and plain colors. Doctors are essentials for the well-being of everyone and this lesson is also a nice way to pay tributes to all men and women that are dedicating their lives for us. :)

Let's start with two basic shapes

First, we need to sketch the head and the body of the character using two rectangles. The one representing the head must be taller. Both shapes are created using long curved lines with pointed ends. Also, make sure the top of the head is slightly narrower than the bottom.

How To Draw A Doctor Clip Art

Adding cute arms and legs

Next, you can draw smaller rectangles to form the arms and legs of the character. Shoes are made from large broken lines while hands are done using short curved lines. Notice how both legs are larger than both arms.

How To Draw A Doctor Clip Art

drawing the hair and the ears of the doctor clip art

We also need to sketch two short curved lines to illustrate the ears of the cartoon doctor. Above both ears, another line is drawn to represent the hair. Finally, a long curved line is added on top of the character to form the hat.

How To Draw A Doctor Clip Art

An adorable face for an adorable man

Make sure that both eyes and pupils are done using large circular shapes. The nose is represented by a long broken line. More short lines are needed to create the mouth and the teeth. Eyebrows are made from simple curved lines.

How To Draw A Doctor Clip Art

One last detail to complete this lesson

Below the head, you can draw a mask using two long curved lines and three short straight lines. Another vertical line is drawn below the mask to form the shirt of the character. Good work!

How To Draw A Doctor Clip Art

Colors and we are done

Yes, the doctor clip art is now completed. All we need to do is add some colors to make this fun illustration more appealing. The hat and the costume of the character can be green. The shoes and the hair are gray.

How To Draw A Doctor Clip Art

have fun drawing more cartoon doctors like this one

Below you can see all six steps required to illustrate this fun character quickly and properly. You can also try more lessons featuring cute doctors like this one made from circular shapes. Another cute alternative is drawn in a different posture.

How To Draw A Doctor Clip Art

Just remember to practice as often as needed and have fun drawing more versions of your own. Cute characters from this site are also available below. :)

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