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how to create a Dinosaur Drawing using a painting software

How To Create A Dinosaur Drawing Using A Painting Software

Learn how to draw a cool dinosaur drawing featuring a great T-Rex filled with nice textures and a simple background! Drawing dinosaurs is always a fun experience. Although we are not 100% sure how these creatures really look like, it is quite fascinating to draw something that existed 65 million years ago.

Even more fascinating is drawing such a creature using an application like Corel Painter. Unlike vector software, you can end up with a more realistic result using digital painting. Of course, it all depends on your abilities to convert a simple sketch into a gorgeous illustration filled with textures and shadows, but overall, it is quite a fun experience!

Step 1

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

First, you must sketch your dinosaur using a traditional pencil or your digital tablet to have a good idea of the posture of your character. Since this is a cartoon site, I like to give a funny expression to my dinosaur drawing. I also went for something not too realistic, but still enjoyable to look at.

Step 2

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Create a new layer and add a plain color to form the body, the head, the front leg and the front arm of the cartoon character. Dinosaurs are often depicted as being colored in green or brown, so choose a color that is similar to the real thing.

Step 3

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Create a second layer and add the back leg, the arm on the opposite side and the mouth. I think it is easier to work on these elements on a separate layer.

Adding everything on the same layer might give you more opportunities in terms of shadows or blending colors together, but it also means that you must plan everything more carefully to avoid mistakes in the process. Feel free to choose the technique that you enjoy the most.

Step 4

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Create a third layer and add the eye and the pupil. You can also draw the lines to illustrate the nose and the teeth on the original layer.

Step 5

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Start adding a little bit of shadows on the head of your dinosaur drawing. On the areas near the edges, use a darker tone of color. For portions that are near the center of the head, go with a little tone of color. Your goal is to make sure that shadows and reflections are used properly to create a realistic illustration.

Step 6

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Use a color that is slightly darker than the original one and create small circles on the skin to represent small scales. It doesn't matter if the ones on the side are not visible because of the strong shadows.

Step 7

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

When you are finished, Work on each scale separately and add a darker color on the bottom and a lighter one on top. Make sure that the colors applied earlier are still visible. Your goal is to add realistic textures on the head.

Step 8

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Work on the body, the front leg and the front arm. Create volume using a variety of tones of color. At this point, you are modeling the body of the cartoon character to create more depth and volume to it.

Step 9

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Repeat the same process as we did earlier and add small circles all over the body. Be patient. You might have to work a lot on this step alone. Creating a dinosaur drawing like this one requires great skills, but also a lot of patience!

Step 10

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Once again, work on each individual circle by adding darker areas. Don't hesitate to go back once in a while to a general view. If you work closely on each circle without taking a few moments to see if everything is OK, you might end up with a shadows or reflections that are misplaced.

Step 11

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

In this step, add a lighter tone of green in each circle that requires the use of reflection. The top of the leg or the arm are good examples of areas that need to be lighter.

Step 12

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

To illustrate the claws, you can draw a few small white triangles on the feet and the hand. You can also work on the tongue (on the second layer) and add some shadows to create more depth in the mouth of the dinosaur.

Step 13

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

To create a cartoon character that looks nasty and angry, you must make sure that the eyes are mean and colorful. That's why I decided to add a small red circle around the pupil. Noticed that I also created a little bit of shadows on the white portion of the eye.

Step 14

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Finally, the character needs a little bit more shadows and darker areas. I added a little bit of strokes on the neck, around the eye and below the body.

Step 15

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Of course, a good dinosaur drawing would not be exciting without a colorful background. The ground is dirty and brown. To add even more realism to my illustration, a shadow was created below the cartoon character (on the ground).

Step 16

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

A large mountain is also created behind the dinosaur. My goal was to come up with a nice background without spending long hours creating it. I wanted to create something simple, but effective.

Step 17

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Of course, a nice sky is always appreciated.

Step 18

Dinosaur Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Finally, a few shadows are added to complete this tutorial. I hope you had fun with this drawing lesson of a dinosaur drawing. Don't hesitate to come up with your own species. Dinosaurs are really fun to draw and adding such simple effects can make the difference between a good drawing and a very nice one. More cool dinosaurs can be drawn below. Enjoy! :)

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