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How to draw a fun Dentist Drawing in just a few steps

How To Draw A Fun Dentist Drawing In Just A Few Steps

Working on this cute dentist drawing is a good reason to help you enjoy the role of this important job in today's society! Indeed, dental care as always evolved over the last 100 years and a good dental health is crucial ... for obvious reasons! :)

It's true that a trip to the dentist is not exactly the most exciting event of your day, but it's an important one. So let's draw a cute dentist and see how it goes.

Step 1

Dentist drawing

First, we need to sketch the cartoon character using a few basic shapes and black outlines. Don't worry, we can modify anything in the process if we are not happy with the result. That's the beauty of using a vector application. 

Start by drawing the head and the eyes. Then, you can add the ears and the body. Once you are finished, create the hands and the legs. Using two triangles, you can also draw the feet. Cool! The character looks nice and now we need to add more details.

Step 2

Dentist drawing

Add two circles on the head of the dentist drawing to illustrate one of its tool. You can also draw the pupils, the nose, the mouth and a small line below this one to illustrate the chin. 

Below the head, draw a rectangle with round corners to represent the mask. A few lines in the rectangles can also be added. Finally, draw two stripes on each side. You must also add a small line on the rectangular shape to create a separation between both legs.

Step 3

Dentist drawing

Time to add some colors! It doesn't really matter right now if you don't pick the perfect color for each shape since the gradient tool will be used in the next step to create a subtle shadow. 

Select a skin color for the head, the ears and the hands. The shirt can be grey while the pants are colored in brown. You can choose a light blue color for the mask and the feet are simply filled in black. 

Step 4

Dentist drawing

Like I said earlier, it's now time to pick up the gradient tool and create a simple shadow on each shape simply by adding a second color.

For example, you can add a darker tone of grey on the shirt so that the bottom looks darker since lighting is usually less effective in this area. Repeat the same step on all shapes of the dentist drawing. Only the pupils and the feet are left black. 

Step 5

Dentist drawing

The gradient tool can create stunning shadows in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, lighting usually creates complex shadows that can only be illustrated manually. Create a new layer that contains new shapes drawn like shown on your left.

We presume that the light source is located on your right, so we need to draw dark areas on the left of the cartoon character. Draw shapes on the head, the mask, below the nose and the chin, on the shirt, the legs and the hands. 

Step 6

Dentist drawing

These new elements are perfect, but perhaps a little bit too dark. Each vector application comes with a tool to help you create transparency on any object. 

Select this tool and make sure that shapes created in the previous step are partially hidden. Your goal is to end up with soft (and realistic) shadows. Great! I really like the result so far. Of course, we can always do better, and that's why we need to work with lighting again.

Step 7

Dentist drawing

 No, the dentist drawing is not suddenly colored in white. My goal is to illustrate that sometimes, lighting can create bright areas on the cartoon character. To do so, I simply duplicated all shapes from the character and slightly scale these new shapes to 90% of their original sizes. 

Then, all shapes are colored in white. I also added two oval shapes on the pupils to illustrate the reflection usually visible in our character's eyes.

Step 8

Dentist drawing

Once again, you need to select the transparency tool to partially hide the white shapes created earlier. This time, your goal is to keep the bright areas (or visible areas) on the right of the dentist cartoon. 

Indeed, the light source is located on your right, so it is logical that this part of the character is brighter because more affected by lighting. Great! The illustration is looking nice! We can do one more little modification to make the whole thing even more sensational ...

Step 9

Dentist drawing

To give a more professional look to your dentist drawing, you can also change the color of the outlines using a tone similar to the one found next to each line.

So if the ears are colored with a light skin color, you can use a darker skin color on the outline. It's a simple process that is easier to create at the end and the result is always good. That's it! The character is now completely done. I hope you had fun with this tutorial and don't hesitate to try more fun characters below. :)

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