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how to draw dental cartoons like a fun teeth

How to draw dental cartoons

Learn how to draw cute dental cartoons like a fun tooth using simple digital effects. To make this illustration even cuter, why not add a mouth, eyes, eyebrows and hands to this original cartoon character. Once the design is finished, I will show you how to create simple shadows and highlights so that we can end up with a beautiful and adorable illustration like the one found above.

A simple video to begin with

Before proceeding with the step-by-step written version of this drawing lesson, you can try the video tutorial found below. This is a good a simple exercise to learn more about this cute character. Once you are done, you can use the lesson on this page to learn how to add shadows and more effects to the illustration. :)

step 1 - drawing this tooth using simple pointed lines

First, let's illustrate the character using long and pointed curved lines. The design is pretty simple to achieved, so no need go through an exhaustive step-by-step process. You can see below how the head, the legs and the arms of the character are created. Eyes and pupils are made from small circles while the mouth and eyebrows are done using basic lines.

How to draw dental cartoons

step 2 - adding colors to the character

Inside the tooth, you can add a light grey color as show below. Both pupils can be blue and all strokes and outlines found in this illustration are colored in grey. Don't worry! We will add a little bit of white inside this image to make the character look like a real and shiny tooth.

How to draw dental cartoons

step 3 - color gradients to create some depth

Now that we have created a beautiful picture filled with plain colors, let's add some effects to create more depth and volume inside our tooth. First, add color gradients on the body so that the bottom remains grey, but the top is modified to a bright white color.

The same technique can be used on the arms and hands. Finally, add a darker blue color on the bottom of both pupils. Drawing cool dental cartoons can be fun! Let's proceed with the next step now! :)

How to draw dental cartoons

step 4 - shadows to give more personality to the character

It's now time to draw more shapes manually to create subtle shadows and give more personality to the cartoon tooth. You can start by drawing circles around the eyes and add a little bit of transparency on top of both shapes. More shadows can be added along the body and near the "legs". Two more shadows are drawn on the arms.

How to draw dental cartoons

step 5 - highlights to conclude this fun drawing lesson

Now that we have created strong and dark shadows on this character, why not add light and bright highlights to give even more volume to the picture. On the right side of the image, draw a long white shape and make this one transparent on the left side. Another smaller reflection can be added on the right leg of the character. Pupils are also covered with tiny bright oval shapes.

How to draw dental cartoons

cool dental cartoons are fun to illustrate!

This cartoon tooth is now completed! All these visual effects are pretty easy to implement if you are working with a vector software and are aware of all the little details that must be drawn inside the final cartoon illustration. 

How to draw dental cartoons
How to draw dental cartoons

Above you can see all needed steps to sketch and draw a fun cartoon tooth like the one found on this page. Have fun, unleash your creativity and learn how to draw more dental cartoons using all the tips and techniques you have learned in this simple drawing tutorial! :)

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