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Creating a huge Demon Drawing with a fun posture

Creating A Huge Demon Drawing With A Fun Posture

Somehow, I really like sketching characters like the demon drawing available in this tutorial. Fictional characters are really fun to draw because you can virtually come up with anything you want. 

Demons can be green, blue, red or even yellow! You can draw horns or not. You can make them tall, short, ugly ... just use your imagination! With such a great flexibility, you will have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and be rewarded with a cool cartoon character. 

Step 1

demon drawing

First, we need to sketch the character. Open your vector application and draw shapes like the head, the horns, the weapon, the body and the feet. For this step, you can use black outlines. 

Step 2

demon drawing

When you are ready to proceed, add more details on your illustration. You can draw the pupils, the eyes, the hair on the bottom of the chin and the tail.

Of course, you can add the level of details that you want to. However, adding too much details can make your task even more complex later on. 

Step 3

demon drawing

Now we need to add a little bit of colors to the demon drawing. In my case, I like to use a bright red color. I could use green, but red is visually more appealing.

To add plain colors, you need to create new shapes behind the outlines (because outlines are not filled with colors). This will give us the opportunity to add shadows between both layers later in the drawing lesson.

Step 4

demon drawing

Select the gradient tool from your vector application and add a second color on each solid shapes created earlier. Make sure that you use a similar tone, but slightly darker. Only the black areas in the demon drawing are not affected by this step. 

Step 5

demon drawing

To give more depth to the character, we need to add additional shadows manually (that's why we needed to create outlines and solid shapes separately).

Draw dark shadows on the character as seen on the illustration above. Make sure that these new shapes are placed between the outlines and solid shapes.

Step 6

demon drawing

You should have access to a simple tool that can help you play with transparency. It can be useful if you need to partially hide shapes created in the previous step. See how shadows are now softer and more realistic?

Step 7

demon drawing

Shadows are nice, but we can play with another effect to give even more volume to the image. Indeed, lighting can create bright areas on the demon drawing. To illustrate this effect, duplicate all shapes from the cartoon character and change the color to white.

Step 8

demon drawing

Once again, you must use transparency to partially hide all white shapes created earlier. This time, make sure that all visible areas are on top of each shape. Your cartoon character looks great, but we can do one last thing to complete the whole drawing.

Step 9

demon drawing

Changing the color of the outlines can have a dramatic effect. By selecting a color close to the one use to fill the shape, you can give a more professional appearance to your illustration. Hope you had fun making this demon drawing. Don't hesitate to try more characters from the same series below! ;)

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