how to draw a dachshund pictures & video

Draw cool dachshund pictures like the one found on this page using basic shapes, lines and colors. Simply follow all easy steps from this tutorial to create a unique cartoon animal that everyone will love. Dachshund are easily recognizable with their long (and thin) bodies and triangular ears. This version is featuring small eyes (made from oval shapes) as well as a tiny tail represented by long curved lines. Are you ready to work on this fascinating animal? Excellent! Let's proceed with the first step ...

How to draw a dachshund pictures & video

a cute video to start with

You can start working on this cartoon dachshund using the simple video found below. It's probably the easiest technique to use although the written version below also features some interesting tips that can help you progress as an artist. Don't hesitate to use both methods for better results! :)

Drawing this dachshund picture using four easy steps

First, you need to sketch a few basic shapes to create a template featuring accurate proportions. This step is quite important to help us figure out how the character should look like in our work space. The head is made from a large circle and two smaller rectangles. The ear is done with a triangle and the body is represented by a large rectangle. You can also work on the legs and tail as shown below.

How to draw a dachshund pictures & video

It's now time to use our template to draw the cartoon dachshund over it. You need to use mostly curved lines and a few straight ones. Pay attention to areas like the neck, the back leg and the nose. Once you are finished, you can erase the template created earlier (the grey lines). 

How to draw a dachshund pictures & video

This is how the cartoon dog should look like once all lines are removed. It's a pretty basic version of this animal, but it's still a pretty effective drawing. Let's proceed with the last step (a simple, but crucial one): adding colors. 

How to draw a dachshund pictures & video

This cute dachshund picture is quite easy to color. All you need are three different variations of the same color: brown. A light version inside the head and body. A darker version for the legs on the far side, the tail, the nose and the hidden ear. Finally, a very dark brown color is used inside the eyes of the character. That's it! Our cute cartoon dog is now completed.

How to draw a dachshund pictures & video

Try creating more cool cartoon dachshund like this one!

Below you can see all four steps needed to illustrate this cartoon character properly. It's now time to experiment, try new patterns, new colors, new postures and new shapes. This fun cartoon animal is a joy to play with and hopefully you will have as much fun creating this dog as I did building this lesson! :)

How to draw a dachshund pictures & video

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