Draw It Forward: Create Cute Cartoons!

This new drawing game called "Draw it forward" is quite simple, but can be very amusing! The goal of this new game is to create new images from a template to help you stimulate your imagination.

Also, since many players are involved, you have the possibility to participate at a new drawing experience that will open up new horizons and make you discover new styles and characters!

Working alone is fine! But seeing what others can do with one of your drawing can be a stimulating experience! Not sure what I mean? Just read on!

Draw it forward: create cute cartoons!

So how does it work? Well, it's pretty simple! Below, you will find links leading to different pages. On each pages, you will discover a unique drawing that will serve as a template.

Copy this image and try to draw something original out of it. 

Just take the template and virtually paint something new over it using a painting software. Of course, it might be nice to see some remains of the template on your image. But that's not mandatory. What's more important is that the creation is unique and inspiring.

When you are finished, just post your cute cartoons of yours on the same page you copied the template from by using the form available there. But that's not it! You can also, if you wish, use the image of another player (who has already posted his -or her- work on the submission page) to create a new design! 

So basically, you have two choices: create a new drawing from the original template or copy the submission from another player and create something new with it!

Like you can see, this is an endless game that can become quite addictive! And it can be done in only five minutes using paint (like I did to create each template) or any other painting software! 

And the results don't need to be the work of another Leonardo Da Vinci! Just create cute cartoons and have fun! 

Here are the guidelines and some suggestions to make the game easier for you to play!


  • You agree, when submitting your image to this game, that someone else might copy this image and use it as a template for a new design (but since it's the goal of the game, I presume you do agree ;)!)
  • If you copied the image of someone else, please mention it in the title (ex: New image based on the drawing of...).
  • You can use any software (including paint) to create your image. Please don't crop your image or change the resolution, otherwise it might be rejected.
  • Create your drawing inside the painting area define by the black line.
  • To avoid lost of image quality (since others might use your image), AVOID the .JPG format. You can use the .GIF format for a lighter and cleaner image.
  • You can post as many images as you wish! Just draw and have fun!

So just copy the image of your choice on the pages below, create cute cartoons with it and "Draw it forward!"

Draw it forward game #1: strange cartoon character!
Draw it forward game #2: funny cartoon animal!
Draw it forward game #3: cartoon landscape!

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