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how to draw cute cartoon characters and food (popular)

How To Draw Cute Cartoon Characters And Food (Popular)

If you are looking for cute cartoon characters to draw, then this series is definitely for you. Over the years, several lessons featuring many versions of the same characters were added to the site. These tutorials were mostly divided based on the level of difficulty they were offering. For the first time, you can now enjoy all fairies and all robots inside a single page loaded with all the most popular lessons.

It's a good opportunity to study multiple versions of your favorite characters and work with those you like the most. If you are a creative person, then you can also try all characters and mix some lessons to create your own designs. As long as you are practicing and drawing on a daily basis, nothing will stop you from getting better at drawing quickly and easily. Animals and food are also available in this series.

let's work with a few simple examples

This fun robot clipart is a joy to illustrate. Created from squares and rectangles, you can easily duplicate this machine using a mix of basic shapes. First, sketch the head using a square. The body and legs are made from rectangles. Both eyes are done using small circles. A tiny antenna is added on top of the head.

Curved lines are drawn all around the face. The mouth consists of a rectangle made from tiny squares. Both arms are created from rectangles and curved lines. Don't forget to add details inside the character. Finally, complete this lesson by adding plain colors. A stripe is also added inside the head.

How To Draw Cute Cartoon Characters

circular shapes for an adorable cartoon fairy

In this other example, you can learn to draw a fairy created from perfect circular shapes. You can use this shape to form the head of this little creature. Both the body and skirt are made from rectangles. Next, sketch the hair using long curved lines. More smooth lines are needed to form the arms and legs of the character.

Both eyes and pupils are made from perfect circles. You can also draw four beautiful wings using rectangular shapes made with smooth corners. A magical stick is created inside the hand of the fairy. Once you are done, simply add plain colors. Notice how the outlines are gone in the final image.

How To Draw Cute Cartoon Characters

cute cartoon characters can also be ... evil!

Yes, drawing cute cartoon characters also means working on ... evil entities! This appealing devil drawing was created from basic shapes, just like all characters from this page. Although some parts like the head are slightly more complex to get right, this lesson is more about adding cool effects than learning to draw a step-by-step character. 

As you can see below, shadows were added in the fifth step. These new shapes are now covering the left side of the face, the body and can also be seen below the eyes. Highlights made from white shapes (see step number seven and eight) were also drawn to create more depth inside this illustration.

How To Draw Cute Cartoon Characters

Drawing Clip Art Animals Using Multiple Oval Shapes

This appealing illustration of a frog is mostly created using perfect circles and oval shapes. Unlike some of the characters found on this page that are only made from basic shapes, this one is slightly more complex to illustrate. The head is done using several short curves lines. These lines are used to create the bumps on top of the head and the large mouth.

This original cartoon frog is also featuring large fingers on all four legs. Eyes are made from medium circles while pupils and nostrils are made from dots. Don't forget to draw a large patch that starts on both sides of the mouth and goes down all the way to the bottom of the character.

How to draw a frog

Working On A Complex Mockingbird Filled With Cool Effects

You can also sketch complex animals like this bird clip art using basic shadows and reflections. You can see in the first illustration how the subject was created using basic circles and rectangles. Then, the silhouette is formed using long curved lines. Inside the creature, you can draw simple patterns. Don't forget to draw a stripe near the eye. More lines are needed inside the wing.

Then, you can use gradients inside the picture to create more depth. Shadows are drawn around the eye, on the beak, below the wing and on the legs. You can complete this fun lesson by creating highlights inside the head, wing and body. Make sure these new additions are partially transparent if you want to end up with a realistic clip art animals.

How to draw a mockingbird

All lessons above were just a tiny sample of what you can expect in this fun series. Below, you can see all the tutorials currently available in this collection. You can see the number of lessons that you can try for each theme inside the parenthesis. Ready? Let's start drawing adorable cartoons now ...




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