How to Draw
A Custom Vector Smiley

Learn how to draw a custom vector smiley using a few simple shapes, great colors and cool special effects! Indeed, drawing a smiley emoticon using a vector application is quite simple. You just need to add a few circles to create the head and the eyes, one large line to form the mouth and you are done!

But what if you wanted to create a few shadows, reflections and add more depth to your character? How would you proceed? Well, just follow the tutorial available below and I will show you how to create a cute illustrations in only seven easy steps!

Step 1

Custom vector

First, create the character using basic shapes like circles and straight lines. Notice that around the main circle, another one is visible, but this additional shape is slightly larger.

Step 2

Custom vector

Add plain colors to all shapes of your character. The head must be yellow, the larger circle can be orange while the eyes and the mouth are black. The teeth can be white and the tongue must be red.

Step 3

Custom vector

Select the gradient tool and add an orange area on the bottom of the head. Keep the top yellow. On the eyes, use a dark grey color on top. For the teeth, the top part of the shape can be slightly grey while the bottom remains white. On the tongue, create a darker area on the bottom of the shape.

Step 4

Custom vector

Great! Now it's time to add a few shadows to our custom vector smiley. Create a large oval shape around each eye. Make sure that is new shape is not perfectly aligned, but more visible on the bottom of each eye. You can also create a large shadow on the bottom of the head and on the teeth.

Step 5

Custom vector

Use the transparency tool to hide the top part of all new shapes created in the previous step. For the shape that was added on the teeth, you must hide the bottom part.

Step 6

Custom vector

Now let's create reflections on the eyes, the top of the head and the tongue. To achieve that, simply create a few white oval shapes as shown above.

Step 7

Custom vector

Once again, select the transparency tool to hide the bottom part of all white oval shapes. Good job! Your custom vector smiley is now more enjoyable than ever! As you can see, this is not very difficult to achieve. You just need to follow each step properly and you are done! Enjoy! :)

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