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how to draw a cute cupid clip art holding a bow

How To Draw A Cupid Clip Art

Learn how to draw a cute and funny cupid clip art mostly made from short curved lines and filled with plain colors. I will show you how to add simple wings, a lovely t-shirt and all the tools needed to keep this adorable character busy for weeks. Let's see how we can illustrate the character located above in just six very easy steps.

Drawing the head and the body

First, we need to create the body and the head of the cartoon character using rectangles. These rectangles are not perfect, but rather slightly curved on both sides. The top of the head is narrower while the bottom is much wider. In this case, I have used thin lines with pointed ends to create the character.

How To Draw A Cupid Clip Art

it's now time to add the arms and the legs

Arms and legs are made from more short lines created with pointed ends. The hands are represented by small curved lines and the feet by short flat lines. Notice how the feet are wider near the bottom of the illustration.

How To Draw A Cupid Clip Art

More details to create a cute cupid clip art

On top of the head, sketch some long curved lines to form the hair. Both ears are made from short curved lines. On the back of the character, you can draw simple wings using long curved lines.

How To Draw A Cupid Clip Art

It's always important to create a nice facial expression

Yes, the face is the most crucial part of the character. This one must be simple, attractive and appealing. In this case, both eyes and pupils are made from circles.

Eyebrows are created using short lines and the mouth + teeth are done using short straight lines.

How To Draw A Cupid Clip Art

A few accessories to complete the lesson

A heart is drawn in the center of the cartoon character. On the left of the image, cupid is holding a bow and an arrow. Of course, a small heart can be seen near the tip of the arrow.

How To Draw A Cupid Clip Art

Time to add some colors

Simple bright colors can be added all over this cupid clip art. A yellow color is added inside the hair and both wings are blue. The shirt and the heart found on the arrow are red. Finally, a bright blue color is used for the pupils.

How To Draw A Cupid Clip Art

Now you know how to draw a cute cupid clip art

These are all steps required to draw a nice cupid clip art. You can try more versions of this cute character, beginning with this adorable illustration featuring cupid in action. Another nice alternative shows the character made from simple circles.

How To Draw A Cupid Clip Art

Have fun creating and don't forget to practice as often as possible!

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