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how to draw a cute crow clipart drawn using simple lines

Learn how to illustrate a crow clipart featuring this simple cartoon animal in a basic posture. I will show you how to create a simple version of this dark bird using mostly basic shapes and straight lines. This weird creature is known for using a unique sound to communicate. Mostly filled with dark colors, it is often associated with black magic, death and horror movies. Today, let's draw a fun cartoon version that everyone will enjoy!

How to draw a crow clipart

let's begin with a short video!

Four minutes. That's all you need to watch the entire video below and witness how this appealing bird was created. Of course, it may take a little bit longer to create your own version, but you'll get the idea. If you need more information or prefer to try a different approach, simply scroll down to enjoy the written version of this lesson.

drawing this crow clipart in four easy steps

First, we need to draw a few basic shapes to create a basic template like the one shown below. Our goal for now is to polish the posture and the proportions of the character. At this stage, the crow might not be recognizable yet, but we have a good idea of how it should look like inside our working area. As you can see, rectangles and triangles are mostly used for this part of the tutorial.

How to draw a crow clipart

It's now time to draw the character using all shapes created earlier. Notice how the beak is long, narrow and sharp near the end. A few hair can be seen on top of the head and on the wing. The eye is made from a thin oval shape and an eyebrow is visible on top of this one. More curved lines are added to form the feet.

How to draw a crow clipart

Good work! When you are done sketching this crow clipart, you can erase all gray shapes created in the first step. Our goal is to keep only the lines drawn in the previous step. This wild animal is visually amazing, but we can make it better by adding dark colors all over it.

How to draw a crow clipart

Like I said earlier, dark colors are needed to create this cartoon crow. The body is filled with a saturated gray color. A lighter version is used for the beak and the feet. A darker version can be applied inside the wing. Finally, you can complete this lesson by adding a bright orange color inside the eye.

How to draw a crow clipart

Have fun drawing more cartoon crows!

I hope you had fun working with this cartoon character. You can see all steps required to draw this one below.

How to draw a crow clipart

Another tutorial featuring a more complex crow can be found on this site. Feel free to create your own version using different shapes, colors and patterns. It's also fun to try more postures and positions. As long as you are drawing and having fun, then my goal is achieved. More cute birds can be drawn below. :)

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