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How to Draw a Crocodile Clipart from solid rectangles

How to Draw a Crocodile Clipart

A crocodile clipart can be a challenging task to illustrate. This amazing animal is drawn using complex lines and elements. No matter how you try to represent this cartoon animal, you must be creative and use precision to end up with a realistic result.

It's not the case here. This fun version was designed to be achieved by anyone, even beginners. If you can draw a simple shape, then you will be able to create this cartoon crocodile. 

Mostly found in Africa, Asia, Australia and North America, crocodiles are fascinating creatures. Armed with strong legs and jaws, they can kill another animal (or even people) in just a few seconds. Don't be fooled by the cuteness of this animal! Crocodiles are dangerous and very aggressive. Fortunately, the version found here is slightly more docile and gentle. Ready for some action? Let's draw this crocodile now!

Step 1

Let's start with the body of the animal made from a large rectangle. On top of this shape, let's draw two curved lines as depicted in the illustration below. Finally, complete this first step by adding a large pointed tail on the right of the cartoon crocodile. 

How to Draw a Crocodile Clipart

Step 2

Next, let's work on the facial feature of the animal. You can begin by drawing two large circular shapes to form the eyes of the animal. Then, create two small pupils using smaller circles.

The nose is represented by two small oval shapes. Finally, a long curved line is used to form the mouth and two small teeth are drawn using triangles. 

How to Draw a Crocodile Clipart

Step 3

Continue your excellent work by drawing the bottom legs using small curved lines. The top legs (or arms) are done using straight lines. You can complete this part of the tutorial by adding a large patch on the stomach of the animal using a long curved line. 

How to Draw a Crocodile Clipart

Step 4

Adding color is crucial to illustrate this crocodile clipart properly. The whole body and the tail are filled with a bright green color. The pupils can be black, red or even yellow. The patch is colored in yellow and the outlines can be colored using a dark green color. 

How to Draw a Crocodile Clipart

Great work building a fun crocodile clipart!

Nice job! You can see all steps required to create this fun animal below.

How to Draw a Crocodile Clipart

If you feel like drawing more crocodiles, then you can also try this fun cartoon crocodile made from circles and smooth lines. This additional version is also easy to duplicate and represents a nice evolution in your learning process. Enjoy! :)

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