How-to-draw-funny-cartoons is getting better!

Yes! How-to-draw-funny-cartoons is getting better & better every day! Tons of small improvements are added on a daily basis to help you learn to draw more fun illustrations quickly and easily. My goal is to make your experience with this site as positive as possible.

Some of these changes are subtle, but grouped together they can dramatically improve a few important aspects of your visit here. From quality content to website optimization, I will make sure in the following weeks and months that this site will deliver all you need to help you succeed!

1. Simple and easy to read template

First, the template of this site was modified for something cleaner and easier to read. In desktop mode, three simple columns are available featuring all the links needed to help you navigate through the site. The blue background makes it easier to read. A clean menu is visible inside the left column and additional links featuring products from this site can be seen on the right. You can also have access to my social media accounts through links on top and bottom of the page.

The mobile version of the site is now lighter than ever. More content is visible on top of the page and the bottom is also less crowded. In landscape mode, more links are visible on the bottom of the page to help you find what you are looking for.

Status : Completed.

2. Faster Loading Pages And Optimized Layout

After a few weeks of work, most pages from this site are now fully optimized. Loading time is quicker and many small improvements were made to increase the speed of the site. For instance, lazy loading was implemented to prevent images from loading all at once. The font is now safe-proof making it also less time-consuming to load. Useless codes and links were removed from most pages.

Status : Completed.

3. Navigation menus more accessible than ever

In desktop mode, you now have access to two different menus from the top of the page. A vertical menu is visible on the left side of the template and a horizontal one is located over the header. In the mobile version of the site, a menu can be seen on top and a link to a visual menu was added near the bottom of most pages.

Status : Completed.

4. Only one external ad for a better user experience

Until now, up to three ads from external publishers could be seen on most pages from this site. Only one is now visible for content pages. This will be beneficial for both the loading time of the site and the user experience.

Status : Completed.

5. related links added on the bottom of some lessons

When you are done drawing a character or an animal, it can be fun to have access to more suggestions to help you draw more versions of the same theme. This update will help fix this. So, when you are done drawing a cool cartoon frog, more lessons featuring cute frogs will be accessible at the end of the tutorial.

Status : Completed.

6. older pages are completely re-written

How-to-draw-funny-cartoons was launched in April 2008. Of course, some pages are now a little bit outdated. That's why I am slowly re-writing some of these pages to help you learn how to draw more easily. This is not a priority, but I feel like it's important to refresh some of the content created more than 10 years ago. Don't worry! I am not modifying images and illustrations. Only the text is affected by this process.

Status : In progress. No deadline.

7. More popular animals and characters will be added

A few months ago, I started a new series based on popular animals and characters. For instance, all frogs from this site are now grouped into a single page. This is convenient for artists who don't want to go through tons of pages to find the perfect character to draw. Another fun addition to help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily. The categories available are animals, characters and food.

Status : In progress. No deadline.

enjoy these fun updates!

Hopefully, most of these updates will help you have a better experience with the site. My goal is to make sure that every artist can learn how to draw cute cartoon illustrations quickly and easily. With more than 1000+ lessons on the site, you will certainly find what you are looking for. Simply start your drawing journey here and happy drawing! :)

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