Creating A Comic Strip With No Text

Creating a comic strip with no text is easy! Just submit your own scenario and create a new strip of your own! Like you can see on the image below, this comic strip involves three dogs and a bone! What does the dalmatian might be thinking? And why is there another dog behind the window? That's what you'll have to figure out!

Just use your imagination and create a sentence that is either funny, emotional or even philosophical! What does this situation inspires you?

What do you think one of the characters might say to the other?

Creating a comic strip

This comic strip is now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your submissions!

These are the ideas that others have submitted in this section:

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Three dogs and a bone - Part 8 
Puppy:PSST!...PSST! Dotty...DOTTY!!!!! Dalmatian:WHAT!...oops. Bull Dog:say another word and your words get put my spikes. (they get a bone …

Three dogs and a bone - Part 7 
2 dogs are guarding the bone so no one can ever steal it.

Three dogs and a bone - Part 6 
Scruffy was strolling the his garden when he passed the kitchen window and over heard his 2 brothers talking. Dalmation: 'So...Just remind me.....What's …

Three dogs and a bone - Part 5 
(star humming heroic music) Brownie:No nedd to worry super doggie is here!!!Sniff Sniff hmmmmm yes i see now who's bone is this? Spot:Well ummmmmm …

Three dogs and a bone - Part 4 
"If I can get past this hard thingy, I can steals the bone..." One doggie seprate from the "pack."

Three dogs and a bone - Part 3 
Spotted dog-" DAD! Let me go outside! He's right there!" Bulldog-"growl...NO BOYS FOR YOU!"

Three dogs and a bone - Part 2 
dogs rule cats drull over us we rock were so tough their so weak muhahaha grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Three dogs and a bone - Part 1 
On the count of three, says the evil dog, 1 2 3 GO!!!

Three dogs and a bone - Part 10 Not rated yet
Dog 1: Did you see that? Dog 2: See what? Dog 1: You didn't see that? Dog 2: See what tell me now Dog 1: Open your eyes Dog 2: Find be that way …

Three dogs and a bone - Part 9 Not rated yet
both dogs are garding the bone but the dog in the back sneaks like a ninja knocks them both out and gets the bone

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