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Everybody has a source of inspiration when creating a cartoon. Why not share with us what you do, read or imagine when you are searching for inspiration!

Some will read their favorite comic strips. Others will simply observe and analyze their environment to get ideas. What's your tips to find original ideas?

It's your chance to give your comments!

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Something different 
I like colors that go together really well. Also doing pottery makes me feel awesome and ready to paint, but what really inspires me is reading good books. …

What does inspire you when creating a cartoon? 
What inspires me if my family and just things that I love!:)Examples:My 2 favorite animals;dogs and elephants,my parents, my friends!:) I am SO lucky …

Making fun of humans 
I like to make inanimate things sentient, then make fun of the world's peculiarities from the perspective of, say, a tree. (think maybe, a tree rubbing …

My Passion For Horses 
My love for horses is very great. I love them even though i dont have one. They and alot of other things are what i care about. This is why I write cartoons …

what inspires me when creating a cartoon 
what inspires me is my all my imagination running through my mind trying to get out.when i'm not drawing my imagination is locked up but when i'm drawing …

My opinnion 
When I draw what inspires me the most is mostly my 2 year old sister!!! She is very creative and my best friend I love her and she is my INSPIRATION!!!!! …

What Inspires Me 
When I creat a comic/cartoon it always inspires me to make more because they are so unique!

My inspiration... HAHAHA... 
Inspiration from where? barawal inspiration from what I saw at the beginning of life so much fun .. like to see your blog. because in Indonesia have a …

My inspiration? Random things. 
I got inspired by eating chocolate raisins and looking at elephants for a comic on this website. I could be playing with my cat and get inspiration. Eating …

My Inspiration as an artist. 
My Inspiration shows when I see myself looking at something that catches my attention, interests me. I love to draw and get inspired by a cartoon figure. …

I get my inspiration from music and dreams most of the times. Like all of a sudden a character, picture, pattern etc can pop up in my head and i try to …

The greatest inspiration of all? People! 
Give me the opportunity to let you know my opinion on this subject! I personally think that the greatest inspiration you could get should be from your …

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