How to Create Your Own Cartoon Character

This short tutorial will help you learn how to create your own cartoon character from scratch. The first thing you need to determine is what kind of story do you wish to tell? Will it be dramatic, funny or serious?

If you wish to make a funny cartoon, then you might want to create a more cartoonish character. Next, in order to develop a very authentic character, you need to ask yourself some questions like:

  • What's the past of your character? What path did he followed before landing in the beginning of your story?
  • What are his motivations?
  • Who does he hang out with?
  • What does he love and hate?

Just write down everything you can ever imagine about your character even if it's not related to the story. 

Why? Simply because if you know your character better than you even know yourself, he's gonna be credible and authentic. His reactions to the events will be logical and relevant with his personality. 

Every move, every action he will take will be in harmony with what he is. Then, once you know exactly who is your character, it will be easier for you to imagine what he really looks like and you will make a first sketch of him that really fits with his personality. 

Now that you are trying to make a first physical representation of him, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why does he look that way? Is it relevant with his personality?
  • Does his past might have an influence on his physical appearance (like a scar, for example)?

You wish to know if your drawing is accurate? Does your character really have a personality and a body that fits together?

To really know if you succeed, just show your picture to someone who's not involved in your project. Ask this person to look at your drawing and tell you who is this character? 

What are is motivations and what might be the past of this individual. If the answers to these questions are similar to the description you made of your character, then you did a great job.

On the opposite, if the answers are not similar at all, then you might want to change a few things. Tell the person to whom you just showed your drawing what he (or she) would modify to make the whole thing relevant.

Never give up until your character is really 100% authentic! That's the only way to learn how to create your own cartoon character the right way!

Good luck!

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