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how to draw a crazy cartoon character that looks cute

Crazy Cartoon Character

Learn how to draw a crazy cartoon character with a funny facial expression and some energy to spare! Indeed, I will show you how to create this amusing character below using mostly a few curved lines and simple digital effects. If you can use a vector application to draw this image, then the whole process will be much simpler. This lesson is for intermediate artists who can already draw the character without using a step-by-step tutorial. Ready? Let's draw this fun character now! :)

Step 1 - drawing this crazy cartoon character using lines

First, let's illustrate the character using a whole variety of straight and curved lines made from pointed ends. As shown below, the hair is made from small triangles while the eyes and pupils are done using perfect circles. Fingers are tiny and feet are made from large curved lines. Don't forget to sketch a large tongue, small ears and a crazy facial expression.

Crazy Cartoon Character

step 2 - adding more details inside the illustration

Let's make this crazy cartoon character even more expressive by adding large eyebrows over the head and some drops of water on both sides of the face. You can also draw saliva just below the tongue as shown in the image below. Finally, draw a small line between the legs and add some details inside the shoes using tiny circular shapes and small straight lines. Cool! Time to work with colors and add some special effects!

Crazy Cartoon Character

step 3 - plain colors to begin with

Inside the character, draw new solid shapes filled with plain colors. I like to create colors and outlines separately to enjoy more flexibility while adding shadows and reflections. In this example, the hair can be blond, pupils are blue, the tongue and the mouth are red and the skin is bright. The shirt of the character is green, the pants are brown and the shoes are yellow. 

You can also change the color of all strokes and outlines. Black is cool, but selecting a darker color is even more interesting. For instance, the outlines around the tongue is filled with a dark red color. On the other hand, the stroke used for the hair is colored in brown. You get the idea! ;)

Crazy Cartoon Character

step 4 - color gradients to create some depth

If you are using a vector application, then you can use this one to add color gradients to all solid shapes created earlier. Out goal is to create shadows using only colors. As you can see below, the tongue is darker near the bottom and brighter on top. Using this technique on all shapes found inside this crazy cartoon character can help create more volume quickly and easily.

Crazy Cartoon Character

step 5 - shadows to create even more volume

Another simple technique to create volume is to draw shadows manually. All new shapes drawn for this step are shown below with temporary blue outlines. These new shadows are drawn below the right eyebrow, inside the eyes, the mouth, the hair and the tongue. You can also draw more shadows on the pants, near the shoes and on the arms. Also, make sure that all new shapes are partially transparent to create a subtle and fun effect.

Crazy Cartoon Character

step 6 - highlights to complete this drawing lesson

Now that we have created a few shadows to enhance this cartoon picture, let's draw reflections and highlights to complete this lesson. In this step, we want to create brighter areas to give a nice 3D touch to this crazy cartoon character. Parts like the tongue, the bottom of the head, the shirt, the pants and the shoes are some good options to begin with. Once again, it's important to play with the opacity of the new elements to end up with a subtle result. 

Crazy Cartoon Character

this fun character is now alive!!!

Once all lines are drawn, all shapes are created, all shadows are formed and all highlights are applied, you should end up with a fun character loaded with simple digital effects. It's always fun to use a 2D application and create an image that feels 3D. All these tips can be used to draw all sorts of images. Whether you need more characters, cute animals, complex backgrounds or solid objects, using color gradients, shadows and highlights is highly recommended to help you achieve your goal.

Crazy Cartoon Character
Crazy Cartoon Character

Above you can see all steps needed to draw this weird character. Feel free to use your imagination to draw more postures, more facial expressions or add more effects to the drawing. The level of details was pretty basic, so it could be a great idea to draw this man again using textures, complex shadows and more details. Just draw and have fun! :)

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