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how to draw a cracker clip art that everyone would eat

How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a cracker clip art using basic shapes and simple effects. It's true that drawing a cartoon cracker might not be the most difficult thing to draw. After all, this delicious snack is mostly made from simple shapes like circles and doesn't have much details to sketch. However, this tutorial will also focus on adding shadows and highlights so that we can end up with a more realistic version of this fun subject. So let's see what we need to do to learn how to draw a cracker that looks as delicious as the one located above.

Working on the Silhouette

First, let's draw a large oval shape to help us draw the silhouette of our subject. You can see the shape below (with a blue outline). Next, draw a simple pattern all around the cracker clipart using multiple short curved lines. Finally, you can complete this first step by adding small holes all over the product using dots. Nine holes are created using a very specific pattern. You don't need to use the same pattern, but make sure everything is symmetrical.

How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art

Inside the food, you can add colors using gradients. The center of the cracker must be brighter while edges are darker. If you are using a vector application to draw, simply use a circular fill. For this particular subject, we need to use brown and beige colors. Holes are also filled with brown colors. Each hole must be slightly darker on top as shown in the illustration below. Notice how the outline is now brown instead of black.

How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art

adding shadows and highlights to create more depth

As I said earlier, this particular snack is relatively easy to sketch. However, adding cool effects to create more volume can be more challenging. Let's begin this part of the lesson by drawing two dark shadows near the bottom of the cracker clip art. These shapes must be dark, but also partially transparent to get the effect right. The top part of each shape is virtually invisible while the bottom is slightly transparent.

How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art

We can also draw another dark shadow on the left part of the illustration. This new element should be darker than the previous shadows since it's located towards the bottom of the subject. Don't forget to play with the opacity of this new addition too. In this case, the right part of the shape must be hidden.

How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art

So far, this fun snack has been filled with various shadows to help us create darker areas. It's now time to think differently and sketch brighter shapes. Indeed, highlights and reflections are needed to create even more volume and create a more realistic image.

You can draw small circles around each hole found in this picture. These new additions must be filled with a bright beige / white color. Also, please note how these circles are located near the bottom of each hole. It can be a good idea to hide the top part of all circles too.

How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art

Another bright spot can be drawn on the right side of the snack. This shape must be colored in beige and it should be nearly invisible on the bottom. This new element is made from a long irregular line.

How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art

Let's complete this drawing lesson by adding a large circular shape inside the cartoon cracker. Once again, this shape can be filled with a light beige color. Just like we did with all previous shadows and reflections, feel free to use transparency near the bottom of the shape. This final addition is important to give the final touch to this fun tutorial.

How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art

Nice work learning to draw this delicious cracker clip art!

Now that all steps are completed, you should end up with a delicious cracker clip art like the one found below. Like I said previously, it's now a difficult subject to draw. But adding all effects properly is definitely more complicated. You can now try to add more details, textures and patterns inside this image. It's also a good idea to draw more crackers using various shapes and colors.

How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art
How To Draw A Cracker Clip Art

Above you can see all steps required to illustrate this fun image in just eight easy steps. Now that we are done with this tasty snack, you are invited to try more delicious food from the same series here. Bon appetit! :)

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