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How to Draw a Cowboy Clipart made from very simple shapes

How To Draw A Cowboy Clipart

Learn how to create a simple cowboy clipart made from rectangles and squares. Cowboys are interesting character to draw. They are filled with cool details and accessories to depict and they represent an era that was tough, dirty and almost romantic too.

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to create a cool cartoon cowboy using mostly basic shapes like rectangles, squares and circles. In just four easy steps, you will have the opportunity to end up with a lovely character that is unique and fun to look at. Ready? Let's draw this awesome cowboy now!

Step 1

Great! Let's begin by drawing the character itself without any accessories or elements that make a cowboy so special. First, draw three rectangles to illustrate the head, the body and the legs of our friendly character. Then, you can draw four circular shapes to represent the eyes and the pupils. The ears are also made from circles.

Next, draw a long curved line to form the mouth of the cowboy. The arms are made from small rectangles while the hands are done using small circles. Finally, draw the feet using small curved lines.

How To Draw A Cowboy Clipart

Step 2

It's now time to add some features to create a lovely cowboy. Start with the hat, which is made from a series of curved lines as shown on the illustration below. The hair is created from several pointed lines and a large stripe is added on the hat of the character.

How To Draw A Cowboy Clipart

Step 3

Below the neck, you can add a scarf made from straight lines. Complete this piece of clothing by drawing a circle and two small triangle on the bottom of the object. Then, a belt is sketched just above the legs. You can use three rectangles to complete this one. Don't forget to draw a small line on the middle of the shirt. Nice work!

How To Draw A Cowboy Clipart

Step 4

Cowboys are living in dirty places so it can be a good idea to select a wide variety of brown colors to add life to this adorable illustration. The scarf can be red and the hair are much brighter than the rest of the body. That's it for this simple tutorial!

How To Draw A Cowboy Clipart

Nice work creating a very entertaining cowboy clipart!

These are all four steps required to illustrate this cartoon cowboy properly. I hope you had fun working on this illustration. Luckily, there are even more cowboys available on this site if you want to try various tutorials featuring this fun character.

How To Draw A Cowboy Clipart

You can start with a simple version made from circular shapes. Then, if you want to draw another simple cowboy, but this time made from simple shapes and complex effects, then this one is for you. A third option might be to work with another character made from simple elements and great shadows and reflections. If drawing a cowboy accessory is something that seems interesting, then this cowboy hat is definitely for you! Finally, advanced users might enjoy working with a cowboy made from a painting application. Have fun with all these resources! :)

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