How to draw a cow icon

In just five easy steps, you can draw this simple cow icon using mostly basic shapes and plain colors. Don't forget that the goal of this tutorial is not to create a cartoon cow, but rather an icon representing this fun and adorable farm animal.

You will also have the opportunity to see a few alternatives made using different effects or colors. Are you ready to draw? Excellent! Let's proceed with the first step below ...

How to Draw a Cow Icon

Step 1

First, draw the head using a simple square made from round corners. Then, you can create the body with a large rectangle also made using round corners. Finally, complete this step by sketching a tail with a long curved line and a small oval shape. 

How to Draw a Cow Icon

Step 2

In this second step, let's work on the bottom of the illustration for a few seconds. You can start by adding four long rectangles to form the legs of the animal. Then, create four hooves using small rectangles with one pointed end. Good work! Our little icon friend is now visually almost recognizable.

How to Draw a Cow Icon

Step 3

For this third step, let's work inside the head (and around this one). On top of the head, draw two small horns using triangles. Then, sketch the ears by drawing two more tiny triangles. Inside the head, create the eyes and the pupils using circles. Finally, draw a line to form the jaw and add two small dots to represent the nose. 

How to Draw a Cow Icon

Step 4

Inside the body, sketch a few patches (in this case four) using long curved lines. Then, you can create the udder below the cow using another long curved line. Three more oval shapes are needed to complete this part of the body.

How to Draw a Cow Icon

Step 5

It's now time to add colors! For this tutorial, the animal was colored in brown. Patches are slightly darker, just like the tip of the tail and the hooves. The pupils and the nose of the cow icon are also filled with a dark color. The jaw and the udder are pink.

How to Draw a Cow Icon

Lines are great ... for a cartoon animal!

You might have noticed that no strokes or outlines were drawn inside this illustration. Why? Lines are great to create a cartoon animal, but our goal was to draw an icon. As you can see below, this illustration looks more childish and doesn't fit very well with the definition of an icon.

How to Draw a Cow Icon

A thick line around the character looks great!

In this case, an outlines was added around the animal, but the result is still quite relevant. The picture looks like an icon and the cow is visually very appealing. It's not a mandatory addition, but it's a cool one!

How to Draw a Cow Icon

Why not a white and black cow?

Our character doesn't have any outlines making it hard to read on a white background if this one is colored in white. Therefore, you need to make this one slightly grey for this option to work. Personally, I prefer the brown character! :)

How to Draw a Cow Icon

Good work drawing a beautiful cow icon!

These are all steps needed to create this icon in just five easy steps! I hope you had fun following this tutorial and feel free to try more lessons from the same series here. :)

How to Draw a Cow Icon

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