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How to Draw a Cow Clipart filled with nice colors

How to Draw a Cow Clipart

Drawing a cow clipart is not a difficult task using this tutorial made from simple shapes. This great animal (around 2 billion individuals throughout the world) is usually challenging to illustrate because of the complex body and various parts that need to be created. Fortunately, it's not the case here.

This character that was domesticated about 11,000 years ago is depicted with simple shapes like rectangles and circles. As you can see on the illustration above, this complex animal is now delivered in a simple version and duplicating this cartoon animal should be an easy task, even if you are a beginner. Ready? Let's create this great animal now! 

Step 1

For this first step, you can draw the body of the cow using a large rectangle. This shape is also used to illustrate the head of the character. Then, you can draw horns using long curved lines. Finally, draw the front legs using small rectangles and straight lines, All shapes and lines are done using thick and bold outlines. 

How to Draw a Cow Clipart

Step 2

Next, you can add the eyes and the pupils using large circular shapes. Notice how the eyes are partially hidden on both sides. The mouth is done with a rectangle made from round corners and the nose is represented by two small oval shapes. 

How to Draw a Cow Clipart

Step 3

Below the horns, you can draw two small triangles used to illustrate the ears. The fore udder is done using circles and patches are drawn on the body of the cartoon cow. Great! That's it for the drawing part of the tutorial. It's now time to add colors on this cartoon character. 

How to Draw a Cow Clipart

Step 4

A white cow is nice and relevant, but also harder to read. That's why I prefer to use a light brown color to fill in the head and the body of the cartoon animal. The patches, the ears and the pupils are filled with a black color. The udder and the mouth are colored in pink. The eyes and the horns are white. 

How to Draw a Cow Clipart

Nice work illustrating this fun cow clipart! 

Yes ... you did a great job creating and coloring this cartoon illustration. You can see all four steps needed to draw this character below.

How to Draw a Cow Clipart

You are also invited to try a different cartoon cow made from round shapes here. I hope you had fun working on this animal and don't hesitate to create your own cow clipart using simple shapes and elements. 

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