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How to Draw A Cougar Cartoon using simple shapes

How To Draw A Cougar Cartoon Using Simple Shapes

Learn how to a cougar cartoon animal in this easy step-by-step tutorial using basic shapes like squares, triangles and rectangles. Using all six steps displayed below, you should be able to reproduce this animal quickly and easily if you don't mind practicing a little.

Once you are done drawing this fun character, drawing similar animals like lions, tigers and panthers should be quicker. Most felines have a few subtle differences with each other making our task a lot easier. So let's see how we can draw a dark cougar in just a few steps using basic shapes, lines and colors.

working on the body of the animal

First, you can sketch a long and thin rectangle to form the body of the animal. On top of the body, draw another small rectangle to create the patch located around the mouth. Notice how the outline of the new shape is much thinner than the one used to create the body.

How To Draw A Cougar Cartoon Character

working on the legs of the subject

Near the bottom of the character, you can draw all four legs using perfect squares. Notice how the legs in front are slightly smaller than the ones located on the back. The front legs are also a little bit lower. The back legs must be aligned with the bottom of the body. Great work! This cougar cartoon animal is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Cougar Cartoon Character

adding more details inside the cougar cartoon animal

It's time to draw more details around the head of the animal. First, create the ears using irregular rectangles. Once again, these new shapes must be aligned with the top of the head. Inside the patch, sketch the nose using a triangle. This one should cover the top of the patch.

How To Draw A Cougar Cartoon Character

drawing the eyes, the mouth and the teeth

Inside the patch, you can draw the mouth using a few simple straight lines. Below the patch, add two sharp teeth using pointed triangles. Both eyes can be made from small curved lines. Excellent! We are almost done. Only a simple step is required before adding dark colors inside the character.

How To Draw A Cougar Cartoon Character

creating simple lines to form the paws

Inside all four legs, you can draw straight pointed lines to illustrate the paws of the cougar cartoon animal. Of course, lines located on the back legs should be taller than the ones found on the front legs. Nice job! You can proceed to the last step : adding dark colors to the character.

How To Draw A Cougar Cartoon Character

let's add dark colors inside the character

This animal can be filled with dark colors as shown in the image below. The body and the legs can be filled with a dark gray color. The top of the body is brighter while the bottom is almost black. Only the teeth and the lines added inside the legs can be white. The eyes, the nose and the ears can be colored in black.

How To Draw A Cougar Cartoon Character

I hope you had fun sketching this adorable cartoon cougar. Remember that you can use this example and draw more felines only by modifying a few simple features. If you would like to draw more felines filled with great patterns and colors, then don't hesitate to try some tigers from this site below. Practice often and have fun creating! :)

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