good tip for good posture

by Jade Gash
(Essex, England, UK)

What i find is useful for when i come to draw characters is to create the basic shapes of the figure or creature i am drawing. for example, a human being can consist of many sausage like shapes (presuming you are drawing cartoons like myself) and to rearrange the shapes into different positions.

For example a person sitting on a chair could have a few sausage shapes, one large shape for the body, two long shapes for the legs drawn sideways, the arms drawn down, the rest of the leg drawn down from the joint of the long sausage leg shape drawn previous and two small sausage shapes for the feet.

This is a simple technique when you practice enough and is often used by cartoonists in the newspaper industry as a base for their characters.

I hope you all find it useful

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Four- legged animals

by Catalina Vela
(Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador)

horse example

horse example

Hi I'm Catalina Vela from Southamerica, I hope the following tip gonna be usefull for the comunity.

Today we gonna take the example of a horse. Basically the walk of the cartoon horse can be divided into two independent human walks, one for the front legs (A) and one for the back legs (B.

To get the horse to move, first draw the front legs (A)as in the human walk, at the speed and in the manner you want they to go. Them repeat the same thing with the back legs (B). Make sure that the ground covered by the back legs it's the same as the covered by the front legs; otherwise, the body will seem to strecht apart, or fold up like accordion.

When walking four legs together, it is also necessary to ascertain how the actions of the front legs will synchronize with the actions of the back legs. Essentially when the front right leg is forward. the back right back leg is back, and when the front right leg is back the back right leg is forward.

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Feb 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

Very helpful! Thank you!

Apr 23, 2009
Hi Catalina!
by: Martin

Very nice tutorial! Drawing 4 legs animals is not an easy task for someone who starts drawing (even for pros!)

I think you manage to give some nice tips and find the common problem someone could have while drawing animals!

Nice Job!

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