Creating Comic Strips For Kids

Creating comic strips for kids is not necessarily that easy. It does involve a little more research as you need to understand what a kid like and doesn't like. 

When drawing a cartoon aim at a wide audience, you generally just make sure to avoid delicate subject and try to be as funny as possible. But creating a cartoon specifically for kids is a little more tricky.

Let's see why!

1. You need to be at their level

In order to create comic strip for kids, you need to build something that they will enjoy. And they don't necessarily enjoy the same things as we do! 

Kids love stories filled with imagination, fantasy and humor. 

They will usually enjoy simple gags like someone falling over a banana peel, but it doesn't mean that you can serve them only first degree humor!

Creating comic strips for kids

On the other end, it's useless to try to be sophisticated or subtle. You just need to find the right balance between too much and not enough!

2. You must design attaching characters

Characters are the basis of every story. If you write a good novel but the characters are boring and without any flavor, then it won't be as entertaining as if they were fun, deep and interesting.

Kids also need to understand pretty quickly your character's motivations. If your characters are too complex, then you will without a doubt lose the attention of your audience.

3. Make simple but effective drawings

Remember the cartoons you were watching while you were young? Well most of them certainly had one thing in common: the drawings were simple and very effective. 

Don't try to draw realistic characters with plenty of details and colors. Choose a design with basic shapes and simple, bright colors. That's the easiest way to appeal to a kid!

4. Write simple stories

Once again, think simplicity. Don't try to build comic strips for kids filled with dozen of characters or nine story lines. Kids will be lost and will most likely end their reading pretty fast. Choose a story that is simple, funny and with a cute, universal message.

5. Don't be too specific

The message you wish to display to your readers must be simple and universal. If you talk about a local problem in your neighborhood, it won't be interesting for a reader from another city or another country. 

Just try to create a story based on a universal theme like love or friendship. 

Of course, you can always take a broad theme like love and turn it into a narrower subject like love between a mother and a son or between a girl and a boy, but just remember to make sure that your story will appeal to people all around the world (if that is your goal, of course...)

6. Use a simple language

Using common words is also another great idea to help you reach your targeted audience, kids. If your language is too technical or sentences too complicated to understand, youngsters won't be able to follow the story properly and therefore, won't be interested in reading it all from beginning to the end.

So there you have it! The key when creating comic strips for kids is to draw something simple and accessible!

Have fun!

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