Finding Good Comic Strip Ideas

Finding good comic strip ideas might not be so obvious at first. It seems like all good ideas have already been done! So how do you find a subject that will be interesting and original? 

Here are some easy tips to help you and guide you finding the perfect idea for your comic strip!

1. Do some research

First, you need to be aware of what has already been done in the world of comic book! Of course, you don't need to be an expert or know every series ever produced on earth!

But at least, you should be able to know what are the recent trends and who are the well-known artists in comic book history. 

This way, you won't find an idea thinking that it's the most original one in the world while it might be something very common for every comic book readers.

It might also help you trigger an idea.

Let's see how it could do so!

2. Play with old ideas to create new ones!

By making some research, you might also find some old ideas and turn them into new, revolutionary concepts! 


Well you could simply add a new twist to an old concept (fictional example: make a superhero for girls!). You might also just take two old ideas and mixed them together to create a new one (another fictional example: create a manga in a 3 panels comic strip format). 

3. Experiment

In this stage, just be creative! Play with ideas, even if they sound totally stupid at first. They might lead to new, more practical ones that will be the foundation of your new creation! 

Mix every concept you know together. Play with all drawing techniques to find an original one (it could be hand drawing, collage, vector drawing and so on...).

The more original comic strip ideas you might come up with, better the chances that you will create something fresh and new.

4. Time to make some choices!

Now that you play with all possible ideas, it's time to make some choices! You need to find the perfect idea and show the best angle to your reader to make sure that your creation will be original but also accessible.

If it's not original enough, your comic strip will look like all the comic strip created by other, non-original artists. 

On the other hand, if it's too original, it won't be appealing to enough people to make it a real success. Sure, a few readers might be delighted by your work, but it won't be enough to help you make a living out of it!

5. Test your ideas

Before doing anything with what you come up with, do some sketches and show them to people you trust. 

Try to show it to comic strip fans as well as people who are not really familiar with this media. Their insight will help you make a decision whether you made the right choice or not. 

This step, even if it might be a little painful and a little boring to do, is extremely crucial. Sometimes, we feel that we have the best idea in the world. And that's perfectly normal. 

But when confronted to the opinion of others, we often realize that our idea might not be as original that we thought at first. Or that people just don't get the point of our message! 

That we didn't make it clear enough about what we meant, about what we wanted people to read and understand about our project.

So that's it! These are really the basic steps you should follow in order to find good comic strip ideas that will help you create a comic strip that will be appealing to your reader! 

And another thing to consider is also the "fun" factor. You need to enjoy what you're doing. If your idea is original, attractive and very popular among your readers but you hate doing it, then there is no point of working on this project!

I hope this article give you some useful tips about finding good comic strip ideas!

Have fun!

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