Building A Color Mixing Guide

The purpose of this section is to build a color mixing guide to help others learn how to play with colors. Creating cartoons in black and white can be quite easy. But it's not always easy to add colors to create nice effects. 

Building a color mixing guide!

You draw cartoons and play with primary colors only. Or you can create a comic strip using a wide palette of colors.

If you have some interesting tips that you would like to share with others, then this is the place to do it. Do you know a technique to play with colors?

Do you know how to create an atmosphere using colors? Whatever technique you might use, please take a minute to share it with us! 

Just fill out the form below and read the following recommendations to make sure that your tutorial will be approved:

  • Please make sure that your submission is relevant to this category. Otherwise, you might want to submit your tips in another section.
  • Review your submission to avoid typos.
  • You can submit multiple images.
  • Just make sure that you provide something that will be of interest to others.
  • All submissions need to be approved before going live online. So it is useless to spam.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and don't be afraid to show your page to your friends!

Please note that all tutorials submitted by you or by other artists are available below the submission form.

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the tutorials that others have submitted

Click below to see contributions from other visitors who are helping building a color mixing guide:

A word about mediums 
To make paint, you add color to glue. In rare instances, the color IS the glue. For a minute, though, let's talk only of the glues. The …

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