how to draw clip art food filled with nice flavors

Drawing beautiful clip art food can be done using simple basic shapes. When you think about it, a blueberry can easily be done using a single circle and a few details. While some fruits and vegetables can be very easy to sketch, other food like doughnuts and cucumbers are more challenging to achieve. In this fun series, you will have the opportunity to create a wide selection of cartoon food made from simple and complex effects.

Food is everywhere. You can see it in magazines, television, movies, books ... all over the internet! Learning how to create a delicious meal using mostly pencils or markers is an art. If you can have access to a vector application, then creating most lessons from this site will be much easier. If it's not the case, don't worry. You can still enjoy these tutorials and sketch all subjects using the materials you are the most comfortable with.

Let's start with a delicious apple made from basic shapes

Learning how to draw fruits is usually not that difficult of a task. Most fruits are made from one or two basic shapes and only a few twists are needed to help you reach your goal. The apple found below is a good example. You can illustrate our subject using only a circle and a thin rectangle. Once this template is created, using a few long curved lines is all you need to form the silhouette of the apple.

When the clip art food is drawn, you can add plain colors (mostly red, brown and green). Simple shadows are created using darker colors on the left side of the fruit and around the stem. Simple reflections can also be created using brighter shapes.

sketching a doughnut that homer would love!

This second tutorial also depict some clip art food drawn using only basic lines and shapes. It's true that drawing cool candies and treats sounds like a lot of fun. However, some details and effects might be slightly more challenging to create. In this case, you can start by adding gradients to the illustration.

Then, some subtle highlights are created around the hole. Next, you can draw basic shadows below the icing found on top of the doughnut. A few candies can be drawn on top of the subject to complete this tutorial.

working with perspective using a cucumber

Yes, I know. Drawing lessons involving perspective are usually featuring buildings and vehicles, not cucumber. It's still a good idea to learn how to draw vegetables that are proposing something a little bit more challenging. First, draw the silhouette of the cucumber using a simple irregular line. Don't forget to draw small bumps all around the subject. Then, add details inside the cucumber.

Once you are done, you can add colors using gradients. Notice how the skin is dark compared to the right end of the picture. A simple pattern made from brighter colors is added near both ends of the vegetable. This lesson can be completed by adding dark shadows and subtle reflections using more smooth shapes.

These delicious clip art food were just a sample of the tutorials you can find in this collection. More cartoon food is available here too. You can see the number of lessons that you can try for each category inside the parenthesis. Ready? Let's start drawing adorable illustrations now ...

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