how to draw Popular clip art animals made from simple shapes

Learning to draw the most popular clip art animals from How to Draw Funny Cartoons can be challenging since most animals were created in numerous versions throughout the site. Fortunately, you can now enjoy all characters from a similar theme inside a single page ... this one! Whether you want to create beautiful cartoon dogs using basic shapes and colors or work on complex frogs made from shadows and gradients, all you need is here!

Indeed, some animals can be created in up to ten different versions! Most of these lessons are pretty easy while others are aimed advanced artists who prefer to draw complex illustrations. Some of these tutorials might require the use of a vector application. It's not mandatory, but it's definitely easier to create gradients using Illustrator then achieving the same result with pencils or markers. Don't worry! Most lessons can be done using a simple crayon and a piece of paper.

A few samples to help you learn to draw cute animals

Let's begin this section with this adorable cartoon cat made from simple curved lines. This version of a feline is definitely one of the most popular lesson available on the site. The silhouette of the animal is made from round and oval shapes. Notice the particular shape of the head which is slightly narrower near the top.

The body is done using a long and thin rectangle. All legs are created using curved lines. The nose and the ears are represented by triangles. You can use gray colors to complete this tutorial. Notice how the final version of the character doesn't have outlines.

How To Draw Clip Art Animals

One fun cartoon dog made from curved lines

This time, let's work on a cute dog made from long and pointed curved lines. Notice in the first step how the head is much larger than the body. Ears are also long and thin. The nose is created using a large triangle. Both eyes are made from simple dots. Small reflections were added inside the eyes. The mouth is represented by a large curved line.

All four legs are tiny and made from short curved lines. The same features can be applied for the tail. This cute dog is colored in brown. Only the nose and the tail are darker than the rest of the body. Notice how all outlines are also colored in brown in the last step.

How To Draw Clip Art Animals

Drawing clip art animals using multiple oval shapes

This appealing illustration of a frog is mostly created using perfect circles and oval shapes. Unlike some of the characters found on this page that are only made from basic shapes, this one is slightly more complex to illustrate. The head is done using several short curves lines. These lines are used to create the bumps on top of the head and the large mouth.

This original cartoon frog is also featuring large fingers on all four legs. Eyes are made from medium circles while pupils and nostrils are made from dots. Don't forget to draw a large patch that starts on both sides of the mouth and goes down all the way to the bottom of the character.

How To Draw Clip Art Animals

Working on a complex mockingbird filled with cool effects

You can also sketch complex animals like this bird clip art using basic shadows and reflections. You can see in the first illustration how the subject was created using basic circles and rectangles. Then, the silhouette is formed using long curved lines. Inside the creature, you can draw simple patterns. Don't forget to draw a stripe near the eye. More lines are needed inside the wing.

Then, you can use gradients inside the picture to create more depth. Shadows are drawn around the eye, on the beak, below the wing and on the legs. You can complete this fun lesson by creating highlights inside the head, wing and body. Make sure these new additions are partially transparent if you want to end up with a realistic clip art animals.

How To Draw Clip Art Animals

All cartoon characters above were just a tiny sample of what you can expect in this fun series. Below, you can see all the animals currently available in this collection. You can see the number of lessons that you can try for each character inside the parenthesis. Ready? Let's start drawing adorable animals now ...

I hope you had fun learning to draw all these wonderful clip art animals. Don't forget to try more fun characters available above to enjoy all the most popular lessons from this site. Practicing is the key! Some animals not visible in this series are also available in the following categories:

- Basic Animals
- Cute Animals
- Simple Animals
- Square Animals
- Farm Animals
- Wild Animals
- Intermediate Animals
- Advanced Animals
- Vector Animals

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