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how to draw a chocolate clip art and a delicious strawberry

How to draw a chocolate clip art

Learn how to draw a simple chocolate clip art featuring a juicy strawberry covered with thick chocolate! Indeed, it's more challenging and fun to illustrate chocolate using a delicious fruit like a strawberry as a starting point. Most tutorials featuring chocolate are either too simple (a simple bar with logos) or unappealing. In this lesson, you will learn how to add basic colors and shadows to make this picture even more interesting to look at.

Drawing a template to guide us

First, we need to sketch a few basic shapes so that we can figure out how the subject will interact with the background. The strawberry itself is represented using two large oval shapes. Sepals are illustrated with thin and long rectangles. Finally, a single oval shape is added below the fruit to form a drop of chocolate.

How to draw a chocolate clip art

Let's draw this cute chocolate clip art!

We can now use several curved lines to draw the strawberry and the chocolate as shown below. Notice how the sepals are pointed and short. Several seeds are covering the fruit. The chocolate below is made from irregular curved lines. Also, noticed how all lines are pointed near both ends and thicker near the middle.

How to draw a chocolate clip art

time to add some colors

This tutorial is far from being over. We need to add colors and apply basic effects to make this illustration more appealing. In this step, you can add plain colors inside the image. Sepals are green, the strawberry is red and the chocolate is brown. Using a bright yellow color for the seeds is also a good idea to create contrast.

How to draw a chocolate clip art

shadows to create depth

Whether you are drawing this illustration using a vector application or not, adding basic effects is simple and quite effective. In this lesson, we won't use complex digital effects, gradient fills or transparency. 

Instead, let's just add more colors to create some depth in strategic areas. For this step, all you need to do is add a dark red color below (and behind) all seeds. It's not much, but it's more than enough to create a little bit of depth and volume.

How to draw a chocolate clip art

More dark shadows on this cute illustration

Using the same technique, you can draw new dark shapes on the bottom of all sepals, around the body of the strawberry and on the left of the chocolate. See how the drawing below is already more appealing?

How to draw a chocolate clip art

Bright areas are also a good idea

So far, we have created dark shapes to create shadows on this picture. You can also add two more shapes near the center of the strawberry and on the right of the chocolate. These new shapes can be brighter to create even more volume quickly and easily.

How to draw a chocolate clip art

Great work! Time to be creative!

Below you can see all four steps needed to draw a cool chocolate clip art in just a few minutes. If you prefer to draw a more standard version of this delicious food, then you can try this cartoon chocolate.

How to draw a chocolate clip art

Did you had fun drawing a strawberry? Cool! I have one more for you here! Just be creative and try sketching and drawing more chocolate using more digital effects and various shapes. Enjoy! :)

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