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Drawing a child picture using a few basic shapes

How to draw a child pictures & video

Sketch and draw amazing child pictures using this simple step-by-step lesson as a starting point. You will learn how to draw the simple cartoon character below using a few basic shapes and curved lines. Even more interesting is the fact that you can choose between a written tutorial with a few tips to help you draw the character properly or simply watch a short video to see how all steps were created. Ready? Let's proceed with the video version first ...

A step-by-step video to begin with

Some people like to read useful tips and watch images to learn how to draw. Others prefer to see it all in action! In this short video, you can witness all the steps required to draw this child accurately in just minutes. Take all the time needed to create the most amazing character. Once you are done, you can continue reading for more details ... :)

Creating child pictures that are visually appealing

First, we need to sketch a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used as a guideline. It's also during this crucial step that we need to make sure that all proportions are accurate. Don't hesitate to start all over if needed. This is the foundation of our character and it must be perfect!

The head can be done using a large circular shape. Both ears are made from smaller circles. The cap is done using a long curved line. Rectangles are used for the body, the arms and the pants.

How to draw a child pictures & video

Good work! Now we can use these simple shapes to draw the character using straight and curved lines. The eyes are made from small oval shapes. The mouth and the nose are created from short lines. You can also draw some hair using broken lines. Make sure the head is large compared to the body.

How to draw a child pictures & video

It's now time to erase the template created earlier. All gray lines must be removed. You can see below how the cartoon child should look like once all these lines are gone. This illustration is pretty awesome, but adding colors can make this one even better!

How to draw a child pictures & video

You can select a darker skin color as shown below. The cap is red and the shirt is green. Pants are filled with a saturated brown color while the shoes are gray. Finally, this character is blond, so make sure you are using the appropriate color for the hair.

How to draw a child pictures & video

Time to draw more characters like this one!

Be creative! Draw various hairstyles, different clothing or strange postures. Drawing cool child pictures is a fun exercise once you are comfortable with creating great templates to work with. Have fun and don't hesitate to play with patterns, proportions and positions.

How to draw a child pictures & video

If you are looking for inspiration, you can also try more cool cartoon kids from this site. These lessons are offering new challenges perfect to help you draw for a while. :)

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