How to create a simple chicken illustration

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Work on a beautiful chicken illustration filled with small lines, plain colors and a great personality! In this lesson, you will learn how to create a beautiful chicken just like the one found below. Made from irregular lines, this cute character should be easy to sketch, even for beginners.

Chickens are not just food that can be found virtually all over the world! They are also gorgeous animals that are a joy to illustrate. Easily recognizable with their red comb, hackle and tail, chickens are simple irresistible to look at ...

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Step 1

It's a good practice to start any cartoon illustration with the creation of a basic template made from basic elements. Using a guideline is crucial to create accurate proportions and make minor adjustments before proceeding with the real thing!

You can start by sketching a head using a large circle. The body and the wings are made from long oval shapes. Finally, the legs are made from thin rectangles and large triangles.

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Step 2

When your template is completed, you can start drawing the cartoon chicken using a wide variety of small pointed lines. You can erase the template created in the previous step once the head, the body, the wings and the legs are done using these small curved lines.

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Step 3

Inside the head, draw two small circles using curved lines to form the eyes. The beak is done using another long curved line draw in a triangular shape. We don't need to add pupils since our goal is to create a simple cartoon illustration.

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Step 4

Using more small curved lines, create the comb, the hackle and the tail as shown in the illustration below. We are already done for the drawing aspect of this lesson. It's now time to add colors and create a few basic effects to make this chicken illustration visually more appealing.

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Step 5

The head and the body can be filled with a bright yellow color. The comb, the hackle and the tail are colored in red. The eyes can be blue. The beak and the legs are filled with a simple orange color. To create a little bit of depth, make sure both wings are darker than the body.

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Step 6

Instead of keeping all lines black, why not add various colors to make this picture even more interesting? All lines can be filled with a darker color similar to the one found inside the shape they are associated with. For instance, all strokes around the eyes can be filled with a dark blue color. I think you get the idea! ;)

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Step 7

In this seventh step, let's sketch some shadows to add volume inside the character. You can draw new shapes inside the eyes, the head, the beak and the body. Small circles (to illustrate reflection) were also added inside the eyes and the beak.

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Step 8

Now that colors and shadows are created, why not draw some lines inside the chicken to represent texture. In this case, several lines were drawn on the body and the head of the animal. These new lines are featured in blue (below), but you can see the exact color in the step to come.

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Step 9

This is our cartoon chicken now that all steps are completed. Pretty awesome, right? I like the simplicity of the techniques used to create such a cute character. Nothing is perfect and all these irregular lines are adding life to the picture.

How to create a simple chicken illustration

Cool! This chicken illustration looks awesome!

These are all nine steps needed to come up with a chicken as beautiful as the one found on this page. Feel free to add more shadows, textures or simply make the image visually more complex by sketching additional details and effects. You can also find more animals from the same series here. Have fun!

How to create a simple chicken illustration

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