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Creating beautiful Chicken Drawings filled with cool effects

You might need to create a few chicken drawings before being able to reproduce this cute cartoon character, but the reward will be huge! Indeed, you might feel inspired and confident once you are able to master this fun drawing tutorial.

Don't worry! Just like any drawing lesson, you might need a few attempts before you can reach your goal. It's perfectly normal. Just enjoy the ride and have fun! You can start with the video lesson below and then proceed with the written version once you are familiar with the character.

Creating Beautiful Chicken Drawings Filled With Cool Effects

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Step 1

Chicken drawings

First, we need to sketch the character using a simple pencil and a piece of paper. Just draw the eye, the beak and the body to get started. You can also draw a small portion of the left wing.

Step 2

Chicken drawings

Complete the sketching part by adding the legs, the pupil and all other details. Great! Now you need to convert the illustration into a digital file to be used as a template. You can either take a picture or scan the image.

Step 3

Chicken drawings

Once your image is converted into a digital file, add black outlines on all elements of the cartoon character. As you can see, I really enjoy lines that are irregular and made with different width. 

Step 4

Chicken drawings

Add plain colors to the drawing. Make sure that all outlines are still on top of the illustration. Each vector application is different, so use the tools that you feel are right for this aspect of the drawing lesson.

Step 5

Chicken drawings

Select the gradient tool and add shadows on your chicken drawings. As usual, make sure that the top part of each shape is brighter. Only the feet are different.

Step 6

Chicken drawings

The shadows added previously are nice, but that's not enough to create a convincing drawing. Create more shapes on various areas like the beak, the eye and the wing. These shapes must be dark and filled with plain colors. 

Step 7

Chicken drawings

Grab the transparency tool and hide the top part of these new shapes. The goal is to create subtle shadows that will enhance the character by adding more depth to the illustration.

Step 8

Chicken drawings

Create a few shapes filled with a white color. These new shapes will be used to create reflection on some areas, making the drawing even more realistic.

Step 9

Chicken drawings

Once again, use the transparency tool to hide the bottom part of these new shapes. Your character is almost finished!

Step 10

Chicken drawings

Finally, if you want to, you can change colors of the outlines using similar colors from the chicken drawings. Make sure that these new colors are dark enough otherwise dark areas will be hard to read. Good job! More cute cartoon chickens can be drawn below. Have fun! :) 

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Learn how to draw in minutes using fun e-books now!
Learn how to draw in minutes using fun e-books now!

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Create unlimited products and copies using 2000+ cute images now!

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