Chicken Cartoon (Advance Vector Tutorial)

In this advance drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cute chicken cartoon filled with nice colors and impressive effects! Indeed, you will need a simple vector software to create and reproduce this drawing lesson. If you are already familiar with how to use the gradient and transparency tools, then you shouldn't have any problem completing this tutorial. 

The chicken is a cute farm animal that can be drawn is various ways. I have chosen a simple design made with simple shapes and long, thin and smooth lines. Don't hesitate to create your own design for this drawing lesson. The goal is to create nice effects and not necessarily learn how to draw a cute cartoon chicken easily. 

Important note: For each step available below, the first image represents the operation you must perform for this particular step. All changes are surrounded by a red outline.

On the second image, you will have the opportunity to see the result of this particular step.

Step 1

Chicken cartoon
Chicken cartoon

Alright! Let's start this tutorial by sketching the outline of the chicken. As you can see, the shape is pretty simple and straightforward to achieve. Once you are done, apply some colors on all parts of the cartoon animal. Choosing the right color is not important for now.

Step 2

Chicken cartoon
Chicken cartoon

It's time to use our first effect tool, the gradient one. Apply a gradient fill using the linear option on the body (and the head since they are together) and the wing. In both cases, make sure that the bottom of each shape is darker.

Step 3

Chicken cartoon
Chicken cartoon

Next, repeat the same process on the eyes, the beak and the legs of the chicken cartoon. However, use a circular fill to create the eyes. The inside of the circular fill must be white while the outside should be grey (light tone only).

Step 4

Chicken cartoon
Chicken cartoon

In the fourth step, create four circles to illustrate reflections on the eyes and the pupils. Each circle must be white and you can use the transparency tool to hide the bottom of each shape.

For the beak, duplicate the top shape and color it in white. Then, reduce the shape a little bit so that it is slightly smaller than the original shape. You can also use the transparency tool to hide the bottom of the shape.

Step 5

Chicken cartoon
Chicken cartoon

Repeat the same process you did for the beak, but this time, add some reflections on the legs. You can also create circles around the eyes and hide the top a little bit with the transparency tool. 

Duplicate the beak, add a dark orange color to it and place it under the beak like shown in the image above. Use the transparency tool to hide the bottom part a little bit.

Step 6

Chicken cartoon
Chicken cartoon

Great! Our chicken cartoon is doing great! For this step, you need to create three shapes for the head, the wing and the tail. Leave a small space between the new shapes and the ones on the back.

For the head and the tail, make the top part of the shapes brighter and use the transparency tool to hide the bottom. For the wing, do the opposite and make sure that the color on top is blending with the color on the body (the color of the body near the top wing).

Step 7

Chicken cartoon
Chicken cartoon

Finally, create two more shapes on the wing and the body. The shape on the body should be dark and the top should be hidden a little bit (with the transparency tool). For the wing, use a shape with a light color and hide the top part if possible. There you have it! Your cartoon chicken is now ready to be shown to the world!

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