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how to draw chef pictures using cute simple lines

How to draw a chef pictures & video

Cook beautiful chef pictures using this simple cartoon lesson as a starting point. Indeed, I will show you how to create this simple, but lovable cartoon character using a few basic shapes and lines. Don't worry! This sweet chef is not as difficult to illustrate as it might seem. All you need is some patience, a few guidelines and two great tutorials (a video and a written version) to help you achieve your goal. Ready? Let's see what this lesson is all about ...

a video lesson to see it all in action

First, you can start with the video found below. This one is very straightforward and all steps are easy to learn. You will have the opportunity to create a simple sketch that will be used as a guideline to create the character. Then, I will show you how to draw curved lines to draw this cook in just minutes. Adding simple colors in the last step required to complete this lesson.

Using a written tutorial to draw excellent chef pictures

You prefer to read or want more details on how to sketch and draw this character? Great! Let me guide you through all the steps needed to end up with a lovable character. First, sketch three circles to form the top of the hat. Then, you can draw a large circle to represent the head. Ears are made from small circles.

Next, create the body using a short rectangle. Both arms are done using long and thin rectangles. The pants and the shoes are also made from rectangles. Cool! We can now proceed to the next step and draw this little fellow.

How to draw a chef pictures & video

Using mostly curved lines, you can draw the hat and the head as shown in the illustration below. Both eyes are made from small oval shapes. The mouth is done using a short line and the mustache is created from a rectangle. The suit, the pants and the arms are done using straight lines. Excellent! :)

How to draw a chef pictures & video

We can now erase the template (all gray lines created earlier) to see the real shape of the character. It's a simple, but beautiful version of a cartoon chef. This illustration is pretty cool, but adding colors is also a good idea to make this fun character even more appealing.

How to draw a chef pictures & video

The hat and the suit are filled with a light gray color. The hair and the mustache are brown. Pants are also brown, but this version is slightly darker. The shoes, the buttons located on the shirt and the pupils are all filled with a dark gray color. Splendid! This cute cartoon chef looks awesome!

How to draw a chef pictures & video

Good work! It's time to draw even more!

Yes, practicing is the key to become better at drawing. You know how to draw cool chef pictures now, but why not try to draw various postures, different patterns or try new colors? Be creative! There are several ways to sketch and draw a character like this one!

How to draw a chef pictures & video

Have fun and don't forget to draw, draw and draw even more ... :)

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