Chalk Outline Examples

To create nice drawings, you can use many mediums! For example, adding a chalk outline to one of your characters can be a nice exercise to try!  The result can be visually attractive and interesting if done properly! Let's try to see the various techniques you can use to create nice outlines using a chalk and some imagination!

Please note that the purpose of this lesson is to work on the outline! I know the character is not perfect! It's not the goal! The following tutorial was made using painter essentials from Corel, but it can easily be reproduce using a real chalk (you'll just be a little more dirty than I am, that's all!:)

Example #1

Chalk outline

Before starting this tutorial, I have created the shape of a simple character using a digital airbrush. This will serve as the canvas for this tutorial. You can do the same using any techniques you like. Just make sure NOT to create any outlines for now.

Example #2

Chalk outline

The first example is rather simple. I have used a chalk that is large to draw the outline. It's difficult to get it right since you can't really make any mistakes. The line must be perfect on your first attempt!

Example #3

Chalk outline

This one is not interesting at all! The chalk used is very small and narrow. The result is a line that is sketchy and hard to read... Let's move on to the next example!

Example #4

Chalk outline

This one is more convincing! The chalk is a little bigger, but most importantly, the line is firm and well-executed! Of course, the line can never as perfect as the one done with a vector software. But it's a good start!

Example #5

Chalk outline

I have used the same technique as the previous example. The difference is that I have drawn numerous lines (instead of just one). The result is more attractive and interesting. This technique is great to hide imperfections in your chalk outline!

Example #6

Chalk outline

Another attempt that doesn't quite look good. Using a large, thick chalk, I have tried to give a (homemade) gradient effect to the line. Might be interesting on another subject, but for this drawing, just forget it!

Example #7

Chalk outline

In this example, the outline is created by the background color. But the background colors are matching with the parts of the body of our little friend! Nice, but not super-great!

Example #8

Chalk outline

This one is more an experiment than something you could actually use for an entire comic book novel! All lines are drawn with a small, vertical line (like shown on the left of the character). Once again, might be a nice chalk outline for a drawing, but not an entire project!

So that's it for this chalk lesson! Like usual, feel free to experiment and try things on your own. You might come up with new exciting outlines that could be great for your next artwork! Just don't overuse some effects, as they might become more annoying than refreshing!

Have fun!

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