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how to draw a celery clip art that looks crunchy

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

Learning how to draw a celery clip art can be a delicious task if done properly. This low-calorie vegetable is mostly made of water, but still provides fiber and antioxidants. It's definitely a good choice for those who want to eat healthy. In this lesson, I will show you how to create the illustration found above using a few basic shapes and tons of cool digital effects. Ready? Let's see what is the perfect recipe to draw a cartoon celery now ...

Using basic shapes and curved lines

First, you can draw a large oval shape to help you create the subject. Then, you can draw three celery stalks using long irregular lines. Notice how two of the stalks are separated on top. The bottom should also be larger than the top. Once you are finished, you can erase the gray oval shape. We don't need it anymore.

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

Behind the shapes already created, you can sketch more celery stalks. These shapes can be seen below with a temporary pink outline.

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

It's now time to draw some leaves. These new elements are drawn using an oval shape. They are made from several small curved lines. Make sure that all leaves are created on top of the stalks drawn previously.

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

In this step, let's draw more leaves behind the ones created earlier. You can use the tip of the stalks to help you draw the leaves accordingly. Since the bottom of the stalks are usually filled with a different color (much brighter), let's create a few patches using more simple lines.

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

Adding colors inside all shapes

You won't be surprised to learn that our cartoon celery must be filled with a mix of green colors. Parts that are drawn behind the vegetable should be darker. The bottom of the stalks are should also be filled with a very bright green color.

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

using gradients to give some depth

Now that colors were added to the illustration, let's work with gradients to give more depth to the celery clip art. For this step, our goal is to make sure that the bottom of each shape is darker while the top remains brighter. Notice how leaves are now easier to read compared to the previous step.

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

Drawing shadows to create more volume

The stacks are a little bit hard to read since all shapes are filled with similar colors. Drawing new shadows made from solid shapes can help increase the readability of the image.

It's important to use a dark green color inside all new shapes. I also like to play with the opacity of the shadows and make these ones slightly transparent. Doing so should help create realistic shadows.

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

adding a few lines to complete this lesson

So far, shadows and gradients have been used to create volume inside this illustration. Drawing a few lines to create textures is also a good idea. You can see all new lines below (represented with a temporary blue outline).

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

nice job drawing this simple celery clip art

I hope you had fun drawing this cute celery clip art. If you want to make this lesson even more interesting, don't hesitate to draw more versions of this vegetable. You can try new textures, use new angles or just draw a single stalk without leaves. Using a real celery as a reference is also a good idea.

How To Draw A Celery Clip Art
How To Draw A Celery Clip Art

All steps required to draw our current model can be found above. Now that this lesson on how to draw a delicious cartoon celery is completed, feel free to try more food from the same series here. Enjoy! :)

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