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How to draw a caterpillar clip art that looks adorable

Learn how to draw a simple caterpillar clip art and then see how adding basic effects and shadows can help you create a more gorgeous and appealing character! This lovely insect is quite fun to illustrate.

Featuring a lot of legs and a particular body, this character is usually depicted using several circular shapes and curved lines. Although this insect is cute and fun to play with, caterpillars can cause use damages in agriculture since they can eat a lot of food all at once.

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

Before proceeding with the first part of this drawing lesson, let's use the image above to learn a little bit more about this original and intriguing animal.

  1. Antennas are made from broken lines.
  2. Eyes and pupils are done using small circular shapes.
  3. At the end of both antennas, a small oval shape is visible.
  4. Cheeks are round and large.
  5. Red stripes are visible on the back of the insect. This one is green.
  6. Legs are made from pointed triangles.
  7. The body is colored in yellow.
  8. The chin is tiny and pointed.
  9. Don't forget to draw a large smile using a long curved line.

Excellent! Now that we are more familiar with this cute cartoon insect, let's begin the first part of this tutorial: drawing the character using simple shapes and plain colors. To get more familiar with the character we are about to play with, you can start by taking a look at the video lesson below. :)

Step 1 - Circles to create a template

The first step in order to create the perfect caterpillar clip art is to sketch a template using mostly circles and oval shapes. First, use a curved line to illustrate the top of the head and then create the jaw and the cheeks with an oval shape. The body is made from six different circles.

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

step 2 - Curved lines to draw the insect

Now that we have a few basic shapes to help us create the character, let's draw this one using mostly curved lines. Pay attention to areas like the cheeks, the chin, the body and the top of the head. Once these parts are drawn, you can erase all orange shapes created earlier.

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

step 3 - Working inside the head

Inside the head of this caterpillar clip art, draw the eyes using large circles. The pupils are made from smaller dots. Next, sketch the mouth using a long pointed line as shown in the illustration below.

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

Step 4 - creating the antennas and the legs

Antennas are made from long broken lines. Small oval shapes can be found near the end of both antennas. Then, you can work on all nine visible legs using triangles that are sketched using curved lines. Excellent! We are almost done for this part of the lesson.

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

Step 5 - More elements on the back of the insect

One last thing must be done before adding colors on the back of the animal: drawing patterns on the back of each section of the body. One line and a stripe are needed inside these large circles. 

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

step 6 - It's time to add colors!

Great! Inside the head, add a bright green color. Antennas are also green, but the tip can be red. The body is filled with a subtle yellow color while the back is green. All stripes are red. Good job! The first part of this lesson is now completed! :)

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

A beautiful caterpillar clip art is the result!

These are all six steps required to draw this beautiful caterpillar clip art in just a few minutes. Now it's time to see how we can make this simple illustration even more interesting.

How can we make this cartoon caterpillar visually more appealing using simple tips and techniques? Let's find out!

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

Step 7 - Adding gradient fills

Inside each part of the character, use the gradient fill tool from your drawing application to add depth to the image. Of course, this effect can also be done manually using pencils or paint. This caterpillar is cuter, but we can do even better!

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

step 8 - Creating reflection using white shapes

Inside the head, the body and the tip of the antennas, draw solid white shapes that will be used to create reflection. You can see on the illustration below how the insect should look like before we add transparency to complete this digital effect.

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

step 9 - Time to apply some transparency!

All shapes drawn in the previous step were cool, but obviously not very appealing since filled with plain colors. Adding transparency can help create the effect we are looking for. Below you can see how the character must look like when all white shapes are partially hidden. See how the top of the head and the body look shiny?

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

step 10 - more shadows to create more volume

Now that we have drawn bright shapes to create reflection, let's proceed with darker elements to form shadows. These new dark shapes are added on the left side of the head and below all legs.

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

step 11 - More transparency needed!

Just like we did with the white shapes, you can now apply transparency on the darker ones to create the depth and volume we are looking for. Our little caterpillar clip art looks amazing now ... but it's not over yet!

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

Step 12 - changing all colors on outlines and strokes

All outlines and strokes were previously colored in black. However, it can be more appealing when all these lines are filled with dark colors. As you can see below, all lines are now filled with colors except for the pupils and the eyes that are still black. 

How to draw a caterpillar clip art

Good work on creating a visually cool character!

And this is how you can convert a simple caterpillar clip art into a more appealing character in just a couple of extra steps. All these effects are easier to achieved with a drawing software, but you can also create cool images like this one with conventional drawing tools. Have fun and don't forget to try more animals from the same series here or enjoy a few related characters below. :)

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