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How to draw a cute cat picture made from simple lines

How to draw a cat

In this lesson, you will create a simple cat picture using mostly basic shapes, lines and colors. First, you will have the opportunity to sketch a nice template made from circles and triangles to help you create accurate proportions. Then, you will create a beautiful cartoon cat using thick lines as shown in the image above. Finally, adding colors to the character will be the last step needed to achieve our goal.

Let's start with a cool video tutorial

Before proceeding with the written version of this tutorial, you can try sketching and drawing this cute cartoon cat using the video lesson found below. Instructions are easy to follow and you should be able to figure out quickly how this simple character must be drawn. Practice as often as needed. Your cat picture needs to be perfect! :)

Drawing this cat using a simple step-by-step technique

The first thing we need to do is sketch a template that will help us figure out how the animal is positioned on our work space. It's also the time to make sure that all proportions are accurate and realistic (well ... for a cartoon character that is!).

You can use large circular shapes to form the head, the front legs and the back legs of this cat. Triangles are used to represent the ears and the nose of the character. The body should be long, thin and narrower near the bottom of the head.

How to draw a cat

Excellent! Now we have a nice template that can be used to draw the character using thick lines. Even if our goal is to sketch a basic cartoon cat, it's still a good idea to add a few details like stripes and whiskers to make the illustration even more recognizable. You can also draw small lines inside the legs and sketch a pointed tail near the back of the animal.

How to draw a cat

Once all basic shapes are removed, you should end up with a simple and cute cartoon character like the one found below. It's a pretty basic version of our favorite feline, but it's still a very effective drawing. Now that the cat is completed, we can proceed to the next step: adding colors.

How to draw a cat

For this example, I have selected a bright orange color for the head, the ears, the body and the legs. A darker version of this color is used inside the stripes, the nose, the eyes and the tail. Finally, a light bright color is added inside both ears. All lines can remain black for this tutorial.

How to draw a cat

A cool cat picture is the result of this lesson!

In the illustration found below, you can see all four steps required to draw a nice cartoon cat in just a few minutes. Don't hesitate to practice a lot. You can try various shapes (like a round nose of a rectangular body) and draw a more personal animal using your own creativity.

How to draw a cat

You can also try more fun cartoon cats from this site below. Enjoy these additional resources and don't forget to practice on a daily basis. :)

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