Cat News

by Michael Richards
(Wenatchee, WA)

This is a single panel cartoon I drew, entertaining the idea of what television for cats would be like. My cat takes short naps all day long, so perhaps there would be nap breaks instead of just commercials in between programs.

My name is Michael Richards, and I am an amateur cartoonist. I have a website about cartooning, too, which I just started. It's filled with my cartoons, and information about drawing cartoons.

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May 23, 2010
Nice comic strip
by: James

I like it, it's original and very well put together for a one piece comic. You said you have your own website, is there anyway you can display the link. I would like to see what other drawings you came up with.

Jan 07, 2009
Very good one panel strip!
by: Martin

Very good one panel strip! It's simple, clear and very effective!

Applying gray colors to some strategic places is not an easy task. Sometimes, it will destroy and beautiful black and white drawing. Other times, it will enhance it.

In this case, the fact that only the TV and the remote control are gray is really well thought.


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