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How to draw a cat clip art with a cute facial expression

How to draw a cat clip art

In this lesson, you will learn to draw a cute cat clip art filled with simple shadows and made from basic shapes. I will show you how to create a nice template made from rectangles and circles so that we can end up with accurate proportions. Then, we will draw the character using these guidelines mostly with curved lines. Ready? Let's see how we can come up with a nice cartoon animal quickly and easily ...

a few basic shapes to get started

First, let's create this template using a few circles and rectangles. The head is made from a large oval shape. Two pointed triangles are used to form the ears. The body is made from a long rectangle. More circles are used to create all four legs. Finally, a few short rectangles are necessary to illustrate the tail properly.

How to draw a cat clip art

It's time to draw the cat clip art using mostly curved lines

Using long curved lines with pointed ends, you can now draw the animal as shown in the illustration below. Notice how the line on top is used to create a single hair. The same technique is used near both cheeks. Once you are done, you can erase all orange shapes created in the previous step.

How to draw a cat clip art

adding nice facial features

To create a lovely character, we need to add nice facial features. Sure, this character doesn't seem quite happy, but we can still consider this nice fellow as being an adorable cartoon animal.

As you can see in the image below, a few curved lines are needed to create the eyes. The pupils are made from two short lines. The nose is tiny and pointed on top. More short lines are used to form the mouth. Finally, simple patches are added inside the ears.

How to draw a cat clip art

Adding more details inside the illustration

You can add more lines on top of the head and near the cheeks to create more hair. A long curved line is added inside each back leg. Smaller short lines are needed on the paws of the cartoon cat.

How to draw a cat clip art

some colors to make the animal more enjoyable to watch!

Technically, this animal should be filled with a black color. However, since we want this illustration to be easy to read, it might be a good idea to use a light grey color instead. Both pupils are filled with a yellow color while the nose is colored in pink. Both pupils can be red and patches inside the ears are brighter compared to the rest of the head.

How to draw a cat clip art

a few shadows to give more volume to this illustration

Let's add some shadows inside this cartoon cat to give a little bit more depth to this illustration. Simply use a color that is slightly darker than the color found around the new shape. To make this character even grumpier, just add a few shadows below the eyes!

How to draw a cat clip art

Good work! This cartoon cat looks amazing!

Below you can see all six steps required to illustrate this cat clip art properly. If you want to try more tutorials featuring this adorable animal, then you can start with another cool black cat. You can also use videos to create a nice orange cat with stripes or try something simpler with this grey cat made from basic shapes.

How to draw a cat clip art

Have fun drawing these cute characters and remember to practice as often as possible! :)

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