Drawing Cartoons
In Xara Xtreme

Almost any vector software program will allow you to draw some nice looking toons. Drawing cartoons in Xara Xtreme is no different. But I must admit that the features in Xara Xtreme are so easy to use that they really speed up the process. And they make your drawings look more original, more colorful!


Take this picture. It was made with Moho (the ancestor of anime studio). Now don't get me wrong here. I really love Moho! It's the best software around to create some simple animated vector cartoons. 

You can add bones to your creations to make them move around very easily. It's still my favorite software to use in terms of shortcuts and flexibility. But when it comes to drawing, Moho can't match up with Xara Xtreme. The features are too numerous and easy to add to your artwork in Xara Xtreme. 


Now let's take a look at another version of this very cute pig. As you can see, I really put some of the effects of Xara to good use. The ground shadow (made in exactly 10 seconds), the transparency, the change in line thickness... all of these made in only seconds using a simple drag and drop method. No painful dialog boxes to fill!

And all these effects can be done using Moho combine to another graphic application (like Paint shop pro or Photoshop). But certainly not as fast and as accurate as Xara can do it (took me less than 30 minutes to create!). 

It didn't take me long to create this new version of my pig. And I can't imagine how fast it will be once I will be use to work with Xara! 

Don't forget that you can download the demo of Xara Xtreme here and see for yourself the power of this very easy to use vector software!

You can try Xara Xtreme for yourself here!


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